Kehinde, Ifedayo

(414) 229-4014
Arch & Urban Planning 420


Ifedayo Kehinde brings a diverse educational background in Architecture and Instructional Design and Technology to his role as a dedicated researcher with a focus on urban development. His primary areas of research interest center around Brownfield redevelopment and community engagement. In these fields, Ifedayo is driven by a fundamental commitment to the transformation of neglected or contaminated urban spaces into thriving, sustainable communities. His overarching goal is to ensure that the benefits of such redevelopment initiatives are accessible and beneficial to all segments of society. In addition to his core interests in urban development, Ifedayo Kehinde possesses a particular affinity for creating realistic 3D visualizations and utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as powerful tools for advocating environmental justice. These skills are far from mere hobbies; they significantly enhance his research endeavors. They enable him to effectively visualize and analyze complex urban environments, providing valuable insights and solutions in the realm of architecture and urban planning. Research areas include brownfield redevelopment, community participation, environmental justice, and environmental sustainability.