Time and Place

Time: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Location: Architecture and Urban Planning Room 333 – UWM Campus – 2131 E Hartford Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Please register for the workshop by emailing Matt Jarosz at mjarosz@uwm.edu


Sponsored by the Historic Preservation Institute at SARUP

“Digital Tools in Historic Preservation” – How laser scanning, virtual reality, and robotics are used in the building industry

Workshop Summary:

This workshop will demonstrate the way the UWM SARUP Historic Preservation Institute (HPI) is building upon the educational philosophy of teaching students architecture through the documentation, preservation and restoration of heritage landmarks. This workshop will identify the techniques our faculty and students are using to document – combining traditional architecture skills with the advanced tools of laser scanning, photogrammetry, virtual reality and drones. The HPI will be presenting this workshop in collaboration with two important professional companies – The TechRender Laser Scanning Company and the Mortenson Construction Company – both committed to using the most advanced digital tools.

The workshop will demonstrate how 3D laser scanning, point clouds, and BIM can be used to reduce risk and add value to projects in the building industry. The subject will provide participants with the information they need to get the most out of existing condition surveys. It will also address common questions and misconceptions related to the use of 3D laser scanning and BIM, while providing a deep dive into the value of these resources and use on complicated structures and locations.

Discussion will be on how emerging technologies are enhancing productivity and safety measures during all phases of projects, from early development through construction. These technologies can be implemented on new construction, renovations, and historic preservation projects, large and small. Laser scanning, various uses of drones, photography, and VR can be used in different situations for capturing data that is then manipulated into accurate working documents. Case studies of successful projects will identify the benefits of utilizing new technologies to improve business practices that help architects, engineers, consultants, and contractors save time and money.

Workshop Presenters:

Vince Scalici, Director of Operations for The TechRender Company – Laser Scanning
Gabriela Ilucion Bustos Lopez, UWM Professor of Architecture – Virtual Reality
Mariya Sorensen, Mortensen Company – Integrated Construction Manager

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