2018 Community Design Solutions (CDS) charette, led by Associate Professor Carolyn Esswein, helps spur $3.2M US Economic Development Administration grant in the Menomonee Valley. Jim Shields and HGA developed the conceptual designs for the grant site.

Background included in Provost Gronert’s weekly e-mail on 9/23/22:

“Milwaukee has been selected for a $3.2M US Economic Development of Administration grant based on UWM’s Community Design Solutions’ (CDS) 2018 charette for future development in the Menomonee Valley. The grant will assist in the development of a hidden 15-acre riverfront parcel, located partially under the Marquette Interchange. Under the direction of Carolyn Esswein (Architecture, Urban Planning), CDS has facilitated 13 charettes for under-utilized sites in Milwaukee. Well done, Carolyn and CDS students!”

Images created by HGA Architects: