This past summer, the Architectural League of New York awarded SARUP Assistant Professor Lindsey Krug and Sarah Aziz, Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico, with the prestigious 2023 League Prize for Young Architects + Designers! Each year, the Architectural League honors 6 emerging practices from across North America.

Lindsey and Sarah developed a shared practice when they met at SARUP as the 2020-21 Fitzhugh Scott ‘Advancing Contemporary Theories’ and ‘Innovation in Design’ Faculty Fellows. They answered this year’s League Prize competition theme of ‘Uncomfortable,’ which prompted entrants to “demonstrate how they find comfort within the unconventional, discover opportunity within crisis, and use the ‘uncomfortable’ as a design tool.”

As part of the award, Lindsey and Sarah delivered a public lecture about their practice in June titled “Two Individual, One Shared,” were interviewed by the Architectural League about their love of Midwestern architecture culture, and designed a digital exhibition titled “Dollar(ar)house Dreams” in which they designed a series of surrealist architectural scenes and animations as an ode to America’s most ubiquitous landmark: Dollar General. Several of the images from their exhibition are included here in this post.

For more information about the League Prize and links to learn more about Lindsey and Sarah’s exhibition, their lecture, and their interview, please see the following link: