Charles Causier Memorial Lecture

“The 20 Minute City through the Lens of Equity” presentation by Andre Brumfield, Gensler, Cities & Urban Design Leader, Design Director, Principal

This lecture is Sponsored by the Charles Causier Memorial Fund.

Lecture Summary

The concept of the 20-minute neighborhood has reemerged as a popular framework for city and urban planning. Recent events and trends that are impacting our cities related to the growing wealth gap, climate change and the residual effects from the COVID-19 pandemic suggest that a different approach to the 20-minute theme is needed. Andre suggests a rethink of this longstanding urban design theory to address the pressing challenges that impact the future of cities. This lecture will propose a new viewpoint to the 20-minute neighborhood concept, one that looks through the lens of equity and offers an opportunity to revitalize all neighborhoods to create a more balanced and holistic city where everyone benefits.


Andre is a global leader of Gensler’s Cities & Urban Design practice. A Design Director in the firm’s Chicago office, he is focused on and committed to revitalizing and repositioning urban environments through urban design, master planning and architecture. Andre’s broad career experience includes: redevelopment in emerging urban districts; neighborhood and community revitalization; high-density, urban-infill; city-wide master planning; corporate campuses; and industrial centers. He has extensive experience in mixed-income housing and has crafted visionary, yet realistic revitalization plans that have been implemented in economically challenged urban areas. A true urban strategist, Andre has worked with multiple public agencies, private sector clients and non-profit organizations to develop master plans that shape the future of neighborhoods and cities. He is an active member of the Urban Land Institute, working with the ULI|National League of Cities’ Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use, and as the Vice Chair of the ULI’s national Urban Revitalization Council.

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