Service Desks

servicedesks_1The University Housing Service Desks are located in the lobbies of Sandburg and RiverView Residence Halls, Cambridge Commons and Kenilworth Square Apartments. Purin residents may use the Sandburg Service Desk. The Service Desks are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The following services are provided for residents:

  • Sorting and distributing U.S. Postal Service mail.
  • Accepting special delivery of items from a reputable delivery service (UPS, Fed Ex, Flowers, etc.) Service Desks cannot accept items that do not come through a delivery service provider. No C.O.D’s will be accepted by the desk staff.
  • Providing lock changes to residents.
  • Facilitating purchases of the following items: cable TV cords, Ethernet cables, envelopes, stamps, 24-hour parking permits, replacement guest passes.
  • Coordinating lost and found items.
  • Checking out the following items to residents: South Tower kitchen, recreational sporting equipment, board games, cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies (vacuums, cleaning buckets), various tools (screwdrivers, hammers, etc.).
  • Coordinating refunds for meal plan and gold account CVC machines.

Cambridge Service Desk

Kenilworth Service Desk

RiverView Service Desk

Sandburg Service Desk