Flowbird offers mobile and web payment options for parking in surface lots and in select garages. Please see the list of valid Flowbird locations for specific facilities included.

To take advantage of Flowbird, you can create a free account online at flowbirdapp.com or download the Android or iOS app.

Pay using Flowbird in the simple steps below:

  1. Select University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as the location.
  2. Choose your desired parking lot.
  3. Set the duration for your visit.
  4. Enter and confirm payment.

If you have a question or are experiencing an issue in one of our lots, please call (414) 229-4000 for assistance.

Flowbird may charge a processing fee for credit and debit card transactions per our regulations.

Three Ways to Pay
  1. Via Flowbird mobile app (Android download / iOS download)
  2. Locate your nearest pay station using the app’s locator function.
  3. Visit Flowbird’s interactive web app. You may have to change the language to English by clicking the menu icon in the top-left and changing the drop-down menu saying “Français”.

Additional Information

You can extend your session using the Flowbird app and website.

You can also use Flowbird to find your car. (Must have location tracking enabled for the app.)

How to Use Flowbird
Valid Flowbird Locations
  • Cambridge Garage
  • Capitol and Humboldt (UPARK) Park & Ride
  • Chapman/Enderis Surface Lot
  • Cunningham Surface Lot
  • Daycare Surface Lot
  • Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS) Garage
  • Engelmann/SARUP Surface Lot
  • Garland/Library Surface Lot
  • Heat Plant Surface Lot
  • Holton Hall Surface Lot
  • Honors College Surface Lot
  • Klotsche Surface Lot
  • Mellencamp Surface Lot
  • Merrill Hall Circle Drive
  • Mitchell Hall Surface Lot
  • NWQ Surface Lot
  • Sabin Hall Surface Lot
  • Sciences Surface Lot
  • Zelazo Surface Lot

Don’t see your parking lot or garage listed? Try Parkmobile instead.