Commuter Value Pass

Faculty/Staff may purchase the Commuter Value Pass (CVP), which is a reduced fare, unlimited-ride bus pass valid on all Milwaukee County Transit System routes.

Faculty and staff may purchase the CVP after the 15th day of the month preceding the month intended for activation through the second business day of the month intended for activation. The option to purchase the CVP will be deactivated online after the second business day of the start of the month.

How to Purchase a Commuter Value Pass
  1. Go to Transportation Services portal (
  2. Click on “Affiliated Login” which is in the center of the page
  3. Click on “Get Permits” which will be located in the permits section
  4. Click on “Next >>”
  5. Fill the required fields
  6. Click on the desired permit
  7. Click on box to agree with”Transportation Rules & Regulations”
  8. Click on “Next >>”
  9. add a vehicle if necessary
  10. Click on “Next >>”
  11. Click on “Next >>”
  12. Enter the email as needed
  13. Click on “Pay Now”
  14. Click on the box to agree
  15. Click on “Pay Now”
How do Payments Work?
If you are paid monthly it will be a $33.00 charge via payroll deduction, and if you are paid bi-weekly it will be $16.50 via payroll deduction until the CVP is canceled or expires.
How to get a CVP Card
If a faculty/staff member is purchasing the CVP and does not have a CVP card issued by MCTS, the staff member WILL need to visit Transportation Services in person. A photo will need to be taken, which will be provided to MCTS for the CVP card to be created. The CVP card will be available at Transportation Services after two business days. Transportation Services will then notify the faculty/staff member that they may pick up their CVP.
How to Return Commuter Value Pass
If you are looking to return your CVP, please fill out the Payroll Deduction Cancellation Form. It is recommended that notification is provided to Transportation Services in advance of the approaching pay period.

*NOTE: Purchases of the CVP on the second business day of the month intended for use and waiting for a CVP card to be issued will cause a delay in the activation of your CVP. Transportation Services requires a photo to be sent to MCTS for the CVP card to be issued, which will be the cause for the delay. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience.