In cooperation with the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS), UW–Milwaukee developed the U-PASS transit program to serve both commuting students and students living on or near campus. There are 7 local bus routes and 3 express bus routes in Milwaukee County that take passengers directly to the University.

The UPASS is valid on all Waukesha Metro Transit bus routes (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,& 15) starting today 9/11/23 and MCTS Routes too. The UMO app does include route & schedule information for the Waukesha County Transit Routes 901, 904/905, operated by Wisconsin Coach lines, however, does not accept the UPASS.

What is a U-PASS?

U-PASS allows students to gain access to any MCTS bus at no charge. There are two ways to set up a U-PASS:

  • UMO Mobile App: iOS or Android device
  • UPASS Physical Bus Card (this is a white WisGo card, not a blue M-Card, see below for example)

See the UPASS Sign-up page for instructions. Either method requires you to set up an account where you can redeem a unique benefit code. Students will get a unique benefit each semester of enrollment: Fall, Spring, and Summer (Winterim is considered an extension of Fall). Students must redeem the code to use it in a new semester.

U-PASS is accepted as full fare on every MCTS-operated bus route, whether it’s a local, freeway flyer, or special route. If you use the card, students issued a U-PASS will only require that single physical WisGo UPASS card for their entire career at UWM, as no replacement card will be needed unless it is lost.

CAUTION: DO NOT ADD MONEY TO YOUR WISGO CARD, THIS WILL INVALIDATE IT AS A U-PASS. A replacement card will need to be purchased if money is added to a card.
ItemImageSupported?Who Qualifies?How do I use this UPASS?
UPASS M-CardNoNot supported by MCTS as of 7/10/23.Not supported by MCTS as of 7/10/23.
UMO Mobility AppYesDefault option for studentsSee instructions below.
WisGo CardYesOption for students who are without a smartphone or who have disabilities that make it difficult to use a smartphone.See instructions below.
How can I get a U-PASS?

Eligible students should follow the instructions on the UPASS sign up page to get their U-PASS activated.

New Phone and Need to Transfer Benefit Code

Contact Transportation Services at 414-229-4000 or uwmpark@uwm.edu to get assistance migrating your benefit code to a new phone.

Lost or Misplaced UPASS Card?

Misplace your UPASS card? Switch to the UMO app for free! Call Milwaukee County Transit System Customer Service at 414-937-3218. Simply provide the username for your TouchPass account and the new username for the UMO Mobility app

If a student loses the WisGo card issued to them, there is a $25.00 replacement fee, and Transportation Services can only issue one replacement U-PASS to each student per semester. Students must come to the Transportation Services office with their student ID in order to get a replacement.

On receiving the new card from UWM, you must call Milwaukee County Transit System Customer Service at 414-937-3218. You will need to provide the lost card number or your Touchpass username as well as the new card number. The MCTS customer service rep will deactivate the card and activate the new one. You do NOT need a new benefit code. Your existing benefit code will remain active as usual, on the new card.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible, you must be a student taking at least one class for credit on the main (Kenwood) campus (not online). The cost of the U-PASS is included in your tuition as part of the student segregated fees*.

*Segregated fees are an additional fee outside of tuition that is used for various activities on campus. Students taking a course on campus traditionally pay segregated fees. Students auditing courses or are taking only online courses do not pay segregated fees and will not be eligible for a U-PASS.

NOTE: Students will have their U-PASS shut off during any semester in which they are not paying segregated fees, however it will reactivate once fees are paid. Instances in which this would occur include electing to take a semester off, taking online-only courses, or studying abroad for a semester.

Is My U-PASS Active?

Please go the UPASS Activation Request Form and click submit. You will receive an email stating whether you have an active UPASS; you will also be provided with a benefit code that you can use to activate your UMO Mobility app account or WisGo UPASS card. You have to log into your Microsoft 365 account (same as your school email) to view this form. You will receive a new benefit code each semester you are at UWM, which must be redeemed to use your UPASS.

My U-PASS Isn't Working

Please email uwmpark@uwm.edu with your full name, student ID, and UWM email address. If you have a WisGo card, please provide the WisGo card number (a photo of the back side would be sufficient).


Wheelchair–accessible buses are available. For detailed Milwaukee County Bus timetable information visit MCTS on the web at www.ridemcts.com/Transit Plus call the MCTS BusLine at (414) 344-6711. Consult our uwm.edu/transportation/wheelchairaccessiblebusing page for additional information regarding accessibility.

Summer U-PASS Use
Students paying segregated fees for courses taken over the summer period will have to redeem a new benefit code in the UMO app or WisGo account.

During the summer period, the U-PASS will remain active for the day after Spring finals until one week prior to Fall courses begin, traditionally.

Students not paying segregated fees for the summer are not eligible for the U-PASS to remain active automatically*. If interested in activating a U-PASS during the summer, students will need to pay the associated portion of segregated fees for Summer use. This option is only available to students who will be continuing their UWM studies in the Fall semester. You must call 414-229-4000 to pay this fee.

No refunds are available after the charge is processed.

*Students interested in information regarding segregated fees may learn more at the UWM Student Association website. Traditionally, students taking courses on campus are assessed segregated fees while students taking on-line only courses (or auditing only) are not assessed segregated fees and therefore not eligible for the U-PASS.

Recommended Resources

U-PASS users can find many resources through the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) website at ridemcts.com. Information available on the MCTS website includes areas serviced, route schedules, and route delays or reroutes.

The UMO Mobile app provides information about areas services, route schedules, and route delays or reroutes.

MCTS riders who experience issues may also contact MCTS M-Card Services at (414) 937-0470.