Parking is available throughout the UW-Milwaukee Campus to everyone, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Anyone experiencing a parking issue in one of our lots can call (414) 229-4000 for assistance. If inside a garage, please press the help button on any entrance, exit, or pay station for assistance. If the issue is not urgent, we may be reached at


Parking citations may be issued for several reasons and are documented on our rules and regulations.

More information at Citations


Transportation Services offers pay-by-phone parking in more than 20 lots and garages.

More information at Parkmobile page.

Garage Pay Station

These four (4) parking garages; Lubar, NWQ, Pavilion, and Union, on campus use the same payment methods.

  1. Pull Ticket — Pushing the appropriate button will dispense a parking ticket. Users can use this ticket with pay stations or the exit station to pay for parking.
  2. PantherCard (Student / Faculty ID) — If the user has the appropriate permit registered with their account, they can scan their Panthercard to open the gate.
  3. ParkMobile — The ParkMobile app will generate a barcode that is scanned by the machine. It will automatically connect the users parking to their account.

More information at Garage Pay Station page


Provides information regarding what is available for UW—Milwaukee visitors. Such as friends and/or family that visits for a few hours

More information at Visitors page

Athletic Events

Parking is prepaid across campus except in the Student Union garage and Lubar Hall garage.

More information at Athletic Events page

Vendors - Loading Docks

The following are rules for repair workers, contractors, service representatives, and members of the UWM community who need to load or unload materials:

  1. Dock areas are reserved for delivery vehicles with truck plates while loading or unloading.
  2. Short-term errand parking (picking up mail or delivering something to an office) is provided at the 30-minute meters or in public parking lots only.
  3. Personal vehicles are not allowed in loading docks.
  4. Parking in service areas requires authorization from the Transportation Services office.
  5. Parking in a location not designated for parking is prohibited.

More information at Loading Dock page

Motorcycle and Moped

Motorcycle and moped must park in designated areas only. Parking in car stalls, at bicycle racks, or in the Lubar, Pavilion, NWQ, or Union garages is prohibited. Motorcycles cannot be parked on the grass or other landscaping which borders the posted areas. Motorized two-wheel vehicles must display a permit on the back of a rear-view mirror.

More information at Motorcycle and Moped page

Residence Hall Parking

Parking is available for residents (and other members of the community, where space permits) in heated garages in Cambridge Commons, Kenilworth Square Apartments, Purin Hall and RiverView Residence Hall (vertical clearance varies in each parking area from 6’2” to 6’8”).. Parking is also available for residents (and other members of the community) in the Sandburg Residence Hall garage, which is covered but is not temperature controlled. If you will be a University Housing Resident, you cannot request a permit until your room assignment has been made.

More information at Residence Hall Parking page


Zimride is a fun and easy way to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. With Zimride, you can find UWM friends, classmates, and coworkers going the same way you are.

More information at ZimRide page

Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicle charging is available in campus.

More information at Electric Vehicle page

Transportation Services Map

This is an interactive map detailing all the parking options and more on campus.

More information at Map page

Parking Garage Clearances

Below are the height clearances for each of the parking garages:

Lubar 7′

NWQ 6′ 9″

Pavilion 6′ 9″

Union 6′ 10″

EMS 6′ 9″

Sandburg 7′ 3″

Off Campus Parking
Off campus parking is available in the areas surrounding UWM. This parking is NOT affiliated with UWM in any way.