How to Use B.O.S.S.

1) Plan your transit options

  • Plan your transit options in advance. It is highly recommended you make your ride requests at least 30 minutes before closing time.
  • It is not uncommon on busy nights for wait times to exceed 30-45 minutes. If you are ever under a time constraint, we recommend calling well ahead or that you utilize another method of transportation.
  • If there is a long wait for B.O.S.S., please consider using MCTS or the Prowl Line if either is an option. Use Google Maps to input your location and destination, then select the bus icon. This is a great way to discover which MCTS buses you can take and when they will arrive.

2) Use TransLoc app, TransLoc Web Portal, or call (414) 229-6503

Submit a ride through one of the three methods:

  1. Use the TransLoc app from your smartphone (Android/iOS)
  2. Use the TransLoc OnDemand web portal. See the TransLoc OnDemand Web Portal User Guide for more information.
  3. Or Call 414-229-6503

Students looking to ride from the UWM Union should not call in. Instead you should check in at our office located on the ground floor of the union in Room WG25 (next to 8th Note Coffee House). If the Union is closed, you may use TapRide or call (414) 229-6503.

3) Monitor your device for your ride notification, or watch for your ride if you made a request via phone

  • Once you place your request, you will be given a wait estimate. Remember that this is a non-guaranteed estimate, and may change depending on the addition of rider requests into the driver’s queue.
  • If TapRide is used, a notification will be sent to your device once the driver has arrived. Please pay attention to your device or watch for your ride from the time it is placed until it arrives. In order to maximize efficiency, your ride may show up before your wait estimate is reached.
  • B.O.S.S. will not wait more than four minutes at your pick up location.
  • Missing your ride or repeat cancellations may affect your ability to ride for the remainder of the evening.

4) Present your PantherCard to the driver

  • Since B.O.S.S. is funded solely through student segregated fees as part of their tuition, B.O.S.S. can only be utilized by current UWM students who are assessed student segregated fees.
  • Current students with a valid UWM PantherCard are allowed to bring 1 guest each. The student is responsible for the guest’s behavior and well-being while using the service. Any violation of B.O.S.S. or University policies including applicable laws may result in denial of service for the student, guest, or both.

Keep in Mind…

  • B.O.S.S. reserves the right to refuse service in the case of inappropriate requests, or if the request is out of the scope of our mission.
  • B.O.S.S. reserves the right to refuse rides to locations suspected of dangerous or inappropriate behavior.
  • Drivers have a direct connection to the UWM Police Department and will request assistance in the case of inappropriate, dangerous, or emergency situations.
  • The need for professional cleaning of a vehicle due to bio-hazardous or excessive waste will result in a $150 fee charged to the rider. Failure to pay the fee will result in an academic hold placed on the rider’s account