Employee Debit Card Deposit

Employee Parking Debit Account Deposit

This form allows employees to submit custom amounts to their debit card for parking. Payroll deduction is the only supported payment method for this form. Otherwise, purchase your Transportation Services account to pay with credit or debit card. Please note that Transportation Services debit card accounts are separate from GOLD and GET accounts. Physical PantherCards are required; digital alternatives like the GET app are NOT supported. Student employees are not eligible for payroll deduction.

  • This is also known as your "campus ID number". It begins with "99" and is followed by seven digits. If longer, include only the first nine digits. Not sure what your Student ID is? You can use the Campus ID Finder Tool to find out.
  • Available on your pay stub, and usually has leading zero(es).
  • This presumes a maximum of $12 per transaction. Fee is charged at exit. Re-entry is considered a new transaction. Overnight is not allowed. A minimum deposit of $18 is required.
  • This presumes each session is maxed out at $12 a transaction. Price of each transaction is determined by the garage fee structure, so please consult our rates page for more information.