First Time on Campus?

Parking must be prepaid across campus at a pay station or by starting a parking session using one of our contactless payment options. The only exceptions are in the Student Union, Northwest Quad, Pavilion, and Lubar garages; prior to exiting the structure, parking may be paid for via a pay station or ending by a Parkmobile session at the exit.

Visit the Rates Page for current rates.

All parking structures and surfaces lots are enforced 24/7.

The Waukesha Campus has separate operations from the main Milwaukee campus. Please see their webpages for more information.

Where can I park?

Please find your desired building using the search bar. Then click the Find Parking button to see the nearest parking options.

FID NAME Address Abbreviati BUILD_NUM
63 East Tower
131 Lecture Hall ACL
75 Architecture & Urban Planning 2131 East Hartford Ave AUP 1933
93 Bolton Hall 3210 North Maryland Ave BOL 1983
106 Cambridge Commons 2323 North Cambridge Ave CAMB 1916
117 Cozzens & Cudahy Research Center 9100 North Swan Rd CCRC 1950
103 Continuing Education Plankinton Building 161 West Wisconsin Ave CEP 1993
73 Chapman Hall 2310 East Hartford Ave CHA 1930
80 Chemistry Building 3210 North Cramer St CHM 1974
90 Curtin Hall 3243 North Downer Ave CRT 1957
76 Cunningham Hall 1921 East Hartford Ave CUN 1973
109 Eastlake Towers 4425 North Port Washington Rd ELTR 1994
83 Engineering & Mathematical Sciences (EMS) building 3200 North Cramer St EMS 1985
108 Enderis Hall 2400 East Hartford Ave END 1919
74 Engelmann Hall 2033 East Hartford Ave ENG 1931
122 Engelmann Stadium 2033 East Hartford Ave ENS 1935
123 Electrical Substation East 3359 North Downer Ave ESE 1915A
124 Electrical Substation West 3238 North Cramer St ESW 1947
88 Garland Hall 2441 East Hartford Ave GAR 1959
104 Great Lakes Research Facility 600 East Greenfield Ave GLRF 1901
138 Global Water Center 223 West Pittsburgh Ave GLWC 1995
78 Golda Meir Library 2311 East Hartford Ave GML 1970
65 Grounds Building 2411 East Edgewood Ave GRD 1946
86 Greene Hall 3347 North Downer Ave GRH 1920
100 Greene Museum 3367 North Downer Ave GRM 1918
107 Hefter Conference Center 3271 North Lake Dr HCC 1990
85 Holton Hall 2442 East Hartford Ave HLT 1936
110 Honors House 3363 North Maryland Ave HON 1932F
70 Heating Plant 3359 North Downer Ave HP 1915
87 Johnston Hall 2522 East Hartford Ave JOH 1921
67 Klotsche Center 3409 North Downer Ave KC 1917
139 Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex 3135 North Maryland KIRC 1972A
96 Kenilworth Square Apartments 1915 East Kenilworth Pl KSQA 1914A
97 Kenilworth Square East 1925 East Kenilworth Pl KSQE 1914E
82 Lapham Hall 3209 North Maryland Ave LAP 1982
92 Lubar Hall 3202 North Maryland Ave LUB 1978
91 Mellencamp Hall 2442 East Kenwood Blvd MEL 1976
72 Merrill Hall 2512 East Hartford Ave MER 1922
79 Mitchell Hall 3203 North Downer Ave MIT 1961
129 Music MUS
71 Norris Health Center 3351 North Downer Ave NHC 1926
112 Northwest Quadrant A 3321 North Maryland Ave NWQ A 1932A
115 Northwest Quadrant B 2025 East Newport Ave NWQ B 1932B
140 Northwest Quadrant C 1930 East Hartford Ave NWQ C 1932C
114 Northwest Quadrant D 2015 East Newport Ave NWQ D 1932D
111 Northwest Quadrant E 3355 North Maryland Ave NWQ E 1932E
113 Northwest Quadrant Garage 2001 East Newport Ave NWQ G 1932G
66 Pavilion 3409 North Downer Ave PAV 1917A
77 Pearse Hall 2513 East Hartford Ave PER 1958
94 Physics Building 1900 East Kenwood Blvd PHY 1984
99 Purin Hall 2600 East Kenwood Blvd PUR 1987
95 RiverView Residence Hall 2340 North Commerce St RVW 1949
69 Sabin Hall 3413 North Downer Ave SAB 1923
68 Sandburg Commons Residence Hall 3400 North Maryland Ave SAN C 1937C
118 Sandburg Residence Hall, North Tower 3400 North Maryland Ave SAN N 1937N
119 Sandburg Residence Hall, South Tower 3400 North Maryland Ave SAN S 1937S
120 Sandburg Residence Hall, West Tower 3400 North Maryland Ave SAN W 1937W
84 Saukville Field Station 3095 Blue Goose Road Saukville SFS 1913
62 Spaights Plaza 2380 East Kenwood Blvd SP 1962B
121 Transit Bus Shelter 2403 East Hartford Ave TBS 1928
132 Theatre THR
81 UWM Student Union 2200 East Kenwood Boulevard UN 1980
101 University Services and Research Building 115 East Reindl Way USRB 1948
89 Vogel Hall 3253 North Downer Ave VOG 1963
102 WUWM Chase Tower 111 East Wisconsin Ave WUWM 1951
98 Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts 2419 East Kenwood Blvd ZEL 1989
116 Zilber School of Public Health Building 1240 North 10th St ZSPH 1992
Parking in the Union, NWQ, Pavilion, or Lubar Garages
The most convenient parking on campus for visitors is the centrally located Student Union garage. Enter the Union garage from E Kenwood Blvd. The Union Garage allows for transient parking-only. No permits are offered for that location.

Use the Transportation Services Map to help you find the garage entrance. Entrances are marked by green pins.

Parking in the Northwest Quadrant (NWQ), Pavilion, or Lubar garages is the same process as parking in the Union garage. These four garages are different from other UWM campus parking lots as they require payment when exiting. More information about the technology to help with parking in these garages is available online on the Garage Pay Station page.

You can view current public parking availability in the garages by clicking the following link:

View Current Public Parking Availability
Acceptable and Not Accepted Payment Forms
  • ATM Cards
  • Checks
  • Panther Gold Account
Review Posted Signage To Avoid Citations

Some areas are permit-only parking and are marked by a signs. Adhere to posted signage at each lot in order to avoid a citation. Consult the map and signage page for more information.

Parking lots and garages are controlled by pay stations, which are centralized multi-space meters. It is important to take notice of the signage located at the entrance of each lot. This includes lot number, time restrictions (if applicable), and payment instructions. Most pay stations require users to enter their license plate number and parking duration.

Public Parking Locations

Visit the Transportation Services Map to find parking public parking.

Student, Faculty, and Staff parking locations

If you don’t know where to park, check the “Where can I park?” section above.

Students, Faculty and Staff are also encouraged to review the Parking Rates page for the most affordable parking options on the UWM campus. To avoid issues with parking, it is recommended that permits are purchased in advance using the UWM Transportation Services Online Portal. UWM main (Kenwood) campus is a virtual permit campus; no hangtag, no placard, and no sticker will be needed, only your license plate. (Exceptions are made for certain garages like Cambridge and Riverview. Waukesha and Washington County campuses rely on hangtags.)

(Please note motorcycle and moped parking, accessible parking, emeritus parking, and contractor parking are the only modes or parking which require physically coming to the UWM Transportation Services office in advance)