Signage displayed throughout parking lots and garages give instructions on who may park where, how to pay, and other information. It is the responsibility of customers to read and understand the signage. Failure to obey posted signage may result in citations and/or other penalties. The following is not a comprehensive list of all signs on campus.

Payment Information Sign

The sign above is displayed throughout campus emphasizing that there is no free parking on campus. Instructions such as these are available detailing how to pay for parking if you do not have a permit: using a machine or a contactless payment option. Not all spaces are available for public parking.

Valid Permit, Validation, or Payment Required

The picture above demonstrates the new yellow signs marked “Valid Permit, Validation, or Payment Required”. These spaces are not reserved for a specific lot, and are first come/first serve. Hunting permit holders, emeritus faculty with permit, parkers with a validation, and customers paying at pay stations or a contactless payment method can use these spaces. UWM vehicles registered to Grounds and Facility Services can also use these spaces. Grounds and Facility Services can also park in non-parking spaces as long they are not blocking anything important, such as ADA\accessible areas, dumpsters, and walkways.

Reserved Space Sign

The picture above depicts the black signs marked “Reserved”. Only permit holders with the lot-specific reserved permit may park in the spaces during the time frame listed. After the time indicated, anyone may park in these spaces as long as they have a Hunting permit or have paid using a pay station or Parkmobile.

Unmarked Spaces

Unmarked spaces are available for anyone with a Hunting permit or payment via a pay station or Parkmobile. Not every space has a sign, so be sure to check neighboring spaces to verify if it is a public space Payment, permit, or validation is always required to park at UWM.