Prowl Line – UPARK Park and Ride (Commuters)

COVID-19 Update: Currently, there is no Prowl Line service until further notice. Please see for additional changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Anyone with a valid Panthercard can ride the Prowl Line. A PantherCard must be placed against the scanner for every ride.

Students who pays segregated fees can get a free permit, for the Capitol and Humboldt (UPARK) Surface Lot, online at Otherwise, the associated charge is $2.00 per day which may be paid at a pay station in Capitol and Humboldt (UPARK) Surface Lot or through the Parkmobile app. A permit good for the semester may be purchased online for $36.53 per semester.

Download the Passio Go! app for live Prowl Line information: iOS App / Android App

The average shuttle ride is 10 minutes, although it can be shorter or longer depending on traffic, weather, or mechanical concerns.

What is the UPARK?

UPARK is a satellite parking lot located at Capitol and Humboldt with a shuttle bus system developed to address the parking needs of commuting students, faculty, and staff. On-campus parking is limited, and parking on the streets surrounding UWM is also difficult due to restrictions which limit long-term parking in the largely residential neighborhood.

Where is the lot?

The location is northwest of the UWM Kenwood Campus. It is north on N Humboldt Blvd past the intersection of E Capitol Dr and N Humboldt Blvd. Click here for a map showing the location of the UPARK lot. UPARK Google Map.

You can also see the location of the UPARK lot and relevent shuttle stops below,

Who can use the UPARK?

It is open to students, faculty, and staff. Capitol and Humboldt (UPARK) Surface Lot provides parking and a bus ride to campus with a PantherCard. The cost for a permit for students paying segregated fees, traditionally taking classes on campus, is free. For students not paying segregated fees, traditionally online-only courses or auditing classes, or for faculty and staff, the cost is $36.53 per semester. The permit may be purchased online at

How often do the buses run?

Buses operate at about 10-15 minute intervals and have two on-campus stops for drop-offs and two different stops for pickups. This means that the Prowl Line is a split route because where you get off on campus is not where you get on to return to your original destination. While the bus heads from the UPARK to the UWM Kenwood Campus, it will drop off at Cunningham and the UWM Library prior to heading to Kenilworth, Cambridge, and Riverview. When heading Northbound from Riverview, Cambridge, and Kenilworth to the UWM Kenwood Campus it will pick up at the UWM Student Union (on Maryland) and Sandburg Residence Hall before heading to the UPARK.

A map is available below,

What is the cost, and how long can you park?
  • Students (with segregated fees)

    The Prowl Line is free to students. Students will need to display their PantherCard to the campus shuttle driver while boarding. Parking at the UPARK is FREE for students paying segregated fees*. A permit will need to purchased online at The permit is available only online and connects your license plate virtually to the permit. No hang tag or sticker will be necessary to park, and users may add or remove vehicles from their permit on the same online portal.

  • Faculty and Staff

    The campus shuttle is free to faculty and staff. Faculty and staff will need to display their PantherCard or ID badge to the campus shuttle driver while boarding. Parking at the Capitol and Humboldt (UPARK) Surface Lot is $36.53 per semester for faculty and staff. A permit may be purchased online at No hang tag or sticker will be necessary to park since the permit will be associated with your license plate, and users may add or remove vehicles from their permit on the same online portal.

  • Other Users

    All other users of the UPARK parking lot may purchase a $2.00 calendar day permit at a pay station present at the lot. Permits can be purchased online for $36.53 at

*Segregated fees are an additional fee outside of tuition that is used for various activities on campus. Students taking a course on campus traditionally pay segregated fees. Students auditing courses or are taking only online courses do not pay segregated fees and will be able to purchase the permit made available for Faculty and Staff at

All users of the UPARK lot may park continuously through the day, but the campus shuttle will discontinue servicing the lot after 9:00 PM Monday through Thursday and at 6:00 PM on Friday while classes are in session. No vehicles may remain overnight and there is no parking in the Capitol-Humboldt lot between 2—5 a.m.

When is the UPARK available?

Prowl Line service is available daily Monday through Friday during regular class and final exam days of the Fall and Spring semesters. It is closed during Winterim and the Summer semester. Prowl Line continues to run during this time but does not service UPARK. See the Prowl Line page for Housing Residents for more details.

Buses are scheduled to begin operation at about 5:30 AM at the Capitol and Humboldt (UPARK) Surface Lot and continue operating until 9:00 PM during the Fall and Spring semesters Monday through Thursday. On Friday’s the Prowl Line will stop servicing the Capitol and Humboldt UPARK at 6:00 PM.

If I need help...?

Security staff are located at the Capitol and Humboldt (UPARK) Surface Lot from opening at 5:30 AM until a half hour after Prowl Line service concludes. Prowl Line service to the UPARK is provided Monday through Thursday from 5:30 AM until 9:00 PM, security will be present until 9:30 PM. On Fridays, Prowl Line service to the UPARK is provided from 5:30 AM until 6:00 PM and security will be present until 6:30 PM.

Note: Days when service is not provided to the UPARK, such as holidays, summer session, or winter session, there will be no security at the UPARK.

Helpful Tips
  • Have PantherCard ready
  • Arrive at the UPARK Surface Lot 30 minutes in advance
  • Verify if parking is payed for by either permit, paystation, or Parkmobile
  • Security is present at the lot if needed
  • There are two (2) buses part of the service, yellow school buses and white mini coaches
  • The white mini coaches provide wheelchair assistance
  • It is a split route when the UPARK is serviced; Monday through Thursday until 9:00 PM and Friday until 6:00 PM
  • If you get off at Cunningham or the Library, you will need to get on at Union or Sandburg to go back to the UPARK.
  • Caution: if you stay on after the Library, the bus will be going to the North Ave Residence Halls; Cambridge Commons, Riverview Residence Hall, and Kenilworth Square Apartments

Download the Passio Go! app for live Prowl Line information: iOs App / Android App

The Prowl Line may also be viewed in real-time from a desktop at: UWM Prowl Line Interactive Map.

Note: The “Live Prowl Line for Desktops” will only display content while buses are active in the Fall and Spring semester.

Downloadable version

Note: The Prowl Line provides service to the UPARK while classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semesters only. Provided below is notice for Summer on-call usage of the Prowl Line.

Rules While Riding the Bus

To ensure a comfortable, clean, and safe ride for all riders on the Prowl Line, there are a few rules while riding.

  • Food must be kept in containers so spills are minimized
  • Containers for drinking must be closable so spills are minimized
  • No ID, No Ride
  • PantherCards are required for all riders so scanning of the PantherCard may occur
  • Guests of riders are required to present some form of photo identification
  • Drivers reserve the right to request a passenger to exit the bus after a warning has been issued (egregious behavior may not be issued a warning)
  • Radios must have headphones
  • Keep phone or face to face conversations quiet in consideration of other riders