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Parking citations may be issued for several different reasons and are documented on our rules and regulations. Information on how to pay, appeal, avoid, and towin can be located below.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the “Citation Number” or enter the corresponding License plate
  3. Click on “Search Citations”
  4. Click on “Add To Basket”
  5. Select the corresponding payment method
  6. Click on “Pay Now”
  7. Click on “Submit”

Citations issued by UWM Transportation Services can be appealed online at

Additional information regarding the appeal process can be located here.

Violation Definition
Parking citations may be issued for common reasons such as expired meters, but may also be issued for some of the reasons below.
  • Improper Display of K-permit, Motorcycle/Moped sticker, DA placard, etc
  • Overtime Parking or Expired Meter
  • No Permit
  • Invalid/Missing License Plate
  • No Parking / Improper Parking / Reserved Special Events
  • Vehicle tow / Large Vehicle Tow Fee
  • Parking more than one (1) vehicle at a time per permit
  • Altered, counterfeit, or unauthorized use of permit
  • Parking at a disabled stall without proper authorization
Note: Late penalty fee (for citations not paid within 7 days of issuance)
If towing has been authorized by UW-Milwaukee Transportation Services then these are the following towing companies: