Bicycling to any area of the UW-Milwaukee campus should be as simple and safe as possible for students, faculty, staff and visitors alike.  Biking to campus is an affordable alternative to get to campus that is also great for your health and the environment. Whether you need air for your tires, would like to find the best route, or even if you’d like to understand more about bicycle planning at UWM, you will find many answers to your bicycling needs below.

Campus Resources

Bicycle Lockers Weather protected and secure lockers available through University Housing. Bicycle Racks Located throughout campus, most at major entrances to buildings. Air Filling Stations Available inside the Northwest Quadrant (NWQ) Garage, EMS Garage, Union Garage, and the Pavilion Garage. Bike Fix-it Station Located at Spaights Plaza and EMS building (southeast corner).


Getting to and from campus with your bike does not necessarily require 100% pedal power. The Prowl Line and Milwaukee County Transit System buses are equipped with bike racks. Utilize these resources to shorten your bike commute to a manageable distance or when conditions reduce your safety. More information at MCTS page and Prowl Line page.

Bicycling & Equipment Information

Commuting Tips With a little preparation, biking to campus year—round is not only possible, but even enjoyable. Follow these tips for a safe and stress free commute:
  • Tune up your bike. Make sure it is in good working order.
  • Find a good route. The route you take by car can not be the best route by bike.
  • Wear a helmet. No trip is too short to not wear a helmet.
  • Dress appropriately for conditions. Be visible and ready for the ride.

Bike Maintenance

Bike Maintenance There are many bicycle shops in the surrounding UWM area to outfit the new or established commuter and provide maintenance & repairs to keep you rolling along.  UWM’s Outdoor Pursuits offers a Bike Shop for students.  Local Milwaukee shops include:

Safety and Security

Secure your bike The best way to store a bicycle on campus is to utilize University Housing’s bicycle lockers located at Sandburg Hall. The second best way to secure a bicycle on campus is to use a “U” lock. Learn the best ways to secure your bike with these tips from Bicycling Magazine. Register your bike It is optional to register a bicycle with the City of Milwaukee. Bike registration stickers can be picked up at any Milwaukee Public Library location, local Police Departments (including UWMPD), and UWM Transportation Services (Student Union WG25). Register online here. Please see Bicycle Registration for more details.

Bicycle Impoundment

Abandoned Bicycles

What is an “abandoned” bike? Bikes which are legally parked on all UWM property (Except for University Housing areas) are subject to removal if they meet the following criteria as abandoned. Criteria for assessing whether or not a bike is abandoned would have to meet two of these criteria.
  • Flat or missing tire(s) and wheel(s)
  • Extensive rust, particularly the bike chain
  • Missing seat, handle bars, front fork, or pedals
  • Dusty, covered in debris and/or cobwebs
Abandoned Bike Policy at UWM_Final

Bike Disposal

Impounded bicycles are held at UWM Surplus.  After remaining unclaimed for 30 days, they are then made available for sale, scrap, or donation.

Making UW-Milwaukee a Bicycle Friendly Campus

To Make UW—Milwaukee a Bicycle—Friendly Campus
  • Augment our safe & secure campus with complete streets for all.
  • Enhance the quality of life on campus.
  • Attract students and employees to UWM.
  • Reduce our environmental impact and fossil fuel consumption.
  • Encourage health & wellness with our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Augment our safe & secure campus with complete streets for all.