Athletic Events

Parking is prepaid across campus except in the Student Union garage and Lubar Hall garage.

Applicable hourly or special event parking fees are enforced at all hours, every day of the week. Limited public parking will occur on weekdays during the traditional Academic calendar, before 3:00 p.m.

Parking facilities adjacent to athletic venues on campus utilize pay stations (located typically in designated booths) which accept small bills, coins and credit/debit cards.

See rates for cost information.

Engelmann Field

There are two parking lots which allow for the shortest walking distance to Engelmann Field.

  1. The Cunningham lot is located off of E. Hartford Ave near Cramer St.
  2. The Engelmann lot is located off of E. Hartford Ave near Cramer St.
  3. Finally, the EMS parking garage is located off of N. Cramer St
Klotsche Center/Pavilion

Five levels of underground parking are available in the Pavilion parking structure. Enter off E Edgewood Avenue or N Downer Avenue.

View our interactive parking map for more detailed information.