Child Learning Center Parking

The Children’s Learning Center has 10 dedicated parking spaces located on the west side of Lot 35. (See the maps for Lot 35 for details) These spaces have a ‘Children’s Center’ parking meter directly in front of them. If you park in one of these spaces, you must have a Children’s Learning Center parking card hanging from your rearview mirror (visible to parking checkers) and you must push the button located on the front of the parking meter. This will give you 20 minutes maximum to drop off and/or pick up your child(ren). Feel free to use less than 20 minutes – other parents may also be waiting for one of those spaces to drop off or pick up their children. Parking cards are mailed to new families with their acceptance letter; additional card/s may be obtained from the receptionist. Parents need to accept responsibility for tickets received while parked in any of these parking spaces.

For those times when our 10 metered spaces are all taken, or you just need a little extra time at drop-off or pick-up: There are four labeled parking spaces just off of the circle drive that are ‘Visitor’ parking spaces. You must pay in advance (at the pay station or by using ParkMobile on your phone) and you may park up to 30 minutes in one of these spaces.

In that same lot, there are 6 parking spaces (with no signage in front of the spaces) available to anyone pre-paying for parking at a pay station or by using ParkMobile.

There are 4 disabled parking spaces. Any person who has the state ID card, disabled plates, or disabled veteran plates does not need to display a UWM permit but they must pay the applicable fee.

The rest of the parking spaces in the lot (designated by the sign reading ‘THIS SPACE IS RESERVED FOR STAFF/FACULTY’) are only for use by faculty and staff who have purchased a Regular “Hunting” Permit for $915 annually. (Others MAY park in one of these spots after 1:00 p.m., if available, pre-paying for parking at a pay station or by using ParkMobile.)

Lot 35 & Lot 36 (See Lot 35 and Lot 36 Map) are one-way; for the safety of all, please only drive counter-clockwise – SLOWLY – there is a lot of pedestrian traffic – mostly our families!

Public parking is also available in the NWQ parking garage (Lot 33) (see Lot 33 map) excluding spaces with signs reading ‘RESERVED SPACE – NWQ RESERVED – PERMIT REQUIRED.’ All parking garages on campus use the same methods for payment (see From Level 1 of this garage (elevator & stairs are in the southeast corner), use the skywalk to walk directly into the Northwest Quadrant.

The circle driveway is a ‘No Parking’ zone. Please do not park in the circle driveway. There is also NO parking by the dumpsters off of Hartford Avenue.Transportation Services may ticket you if your car is in one of these locations.

Parking is enforced by UWM Transportation Services (414-229-4000) located on the first floor of the UWM Union. Parents need to accept responsibility for tickets received while parked in any campus parking spots.