Vendor – Loading Dock

Following are the rules for repair workers, contractors, service representatives and members of the University community who need to load or unload materials.
  1. Dock areas are reserved for delivery vehicles with truck plates while loading or unloading.
  2. Short-term errand parking (picking up mail or delivering something to an office) is provided at the 30—minute meters or in public parking lots only.
  3. Personal vehicles are not allowed in loading docks.
  4. Parking in service areas requires authorization from the Transportation Services office.
  5. Parking in a location not designated for parking is prohibited.
  6. Repair workers, contractors, service representatives and, members of the University community can purchase a K-permit at Transportation Services Portal

Note: Parking at the job site is not an acceptable excuse to park illegally.

If a motor vehicle of any type will be used in the conduct of a job or business at UWM, a vehicle left unattended for any length of time is considered parked. This applies even to vehicles that are unattended with their hazard lights on.