Student Fee Allocation

Each semester, the students at UWM pay around $700 in segregated fees to fund services and activities that improve student life. These segregated fees are split into two categories: allocable, and non-allocable. Non-allocable segregated fees include such services as the Student Union, the Norris Health Center, and the Children’s Learning Center. The Student Association directly approves the allocable segregated fee rates and advises administration regarding the non-allocable segregated fee rates.

The Senate Finance Committee (SFC), a Student Association Committee, hears applications for segregated fee funding from eligible university departments and student organizations. Through weeks of research and deliberations, the committee recommends a per-semester segregated fee level for each entity which is then charged to students to fund the services and activities. Each $1 per semester equates to roughly $20,500, although this varies depending on enrollment. This recommendation is then put forward to the Senate, who makes the final approval. Click on these links to find out how you can sit on the SFC or become a Senator.