Governing Documents

The following list contains all current governing documents, that is the current SA Constitution with amendments, and bylaws of current committees.

Governing Documents
Constitution + Amendments
Executive Committee Bylaws
Senate Bylaws
Oversight and Appeals Commission Bylaws 18-19
Green Fund Allocation and Mentorship Committee Bylaws
Equitable Accessibility Advocacy Committee Bylaws
Gender and Sexuality Advocacy Committee Bylaws
Graduate Student Representation Committee Bylaws pdf
Restaurant Operations Advisory Committee Bylaws
Senate Finance Committee Bylaws
Student Association Safety Committee Bylaws
Student Appropriations Committee Bylaws
Student Leaders Committee Bylaws
Student Life and Interest Committee Bylaws
Student Transportation Committee Bylaws
Student Voting Rights Committee Bylaws
Womens Advocacy Committee Bylaws

Further records for SA Committees, governing bodies (Senate, Exec, OAC), and Legislation & Resolutions can be found on their respective pages. We are currently in the process of organizing and uploading documents to this website. Many of our records are not fully updated.

For any further information please file a Public Records Request with the OAC For information on what records you can expect us to have, please check the Records Retention Timeline.