Your Judicial Branch

The Oversight and Appeals Commission

The Oversight and Appeals Commission (OAC) is the Judicial branch of the Student Association that handles student and student organization appeals and mediation, as well as oversight over the other branches of the SA. It consists of five appointed Commissioners that have the responsibility over: SA legislative and executive oversight, student organization funding appeals, SA human resources, student parking appeals, and SA records administration (including public records requests), and interprets the SA Constitution and other governing documents upon request. The OAC is here to hold both the SA and the University to their ethical responsibilities.

Who is your OAC?

         OAC Chair Person:                                    Deputy Commissioner:                            Deputy Commissioner:


         Zen Johnston                                   Alexander Muraski                                              VACANT   


    At-Large Student Commissioner:                                                                      At-Large Student Commissioner:


         Isaiah Garcia Morton                                                                                                                Skyler Phillips