Green Fund

The Green Fund is led by the Environmental Sustainability Mentorship Committee (ESMC). Click here to learn more!

Click here for the Green Fund Application.

Green Fund at UWM

Be a part of the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESMC) by submitting an application here.

For committee appointment questions contact Sambo Amaza

Step one: Create your plan

  • How will your project make UWM more eco-friendly?
  • Have other schools done something similar?
  • What is the cost estimate?

           Step two: Fill out the Green Fund Application

  • Find the link to the Presence form below.
  • Review the Green Fund opportunities and funding priorities.
  • Complete the application with as much detail as possible.

Step Three: ESMC selections

  • The ESMC reviews applications once in the spring and fall, one month after the application opens.
  • The ESMC selects 2-5 projects each academic year.
  • The ESMC will announce the next projects approved.


Click here for the Green Fund Application.


                       For questions regarding the Green Fund please contact