Independent Elections Commission

Apply to join the IEC via Presence.

For questions about joining the IEC, contact Sam De Forest-Davis, Program Coordinator:

The Independent Election Commission is a committee of students, staff, and faculty who coordinate the elections of the Student Association. Our goal is to provide open, engaging, and most importantly fair and ethical processes for the student body to elect their leadership in the SA. Members of IEC are responsible for marketing and coordinating election events including two debates and a Get Out The Vote event, recruiting qualified candidates for SA positions, and developing media materials including press releases. IEC members also field complaints and investigate campaign violations.

YOU can sit on the Commission! This opportunity is particularly good for any Marketing Students, Political Science Students or students interested in politics. It looks great on a resume or CV, helps build leadership skills, and allows you to learn a little more about your student government.

Independent Election Commission Bylaws

If you would like to report a campaign violation, please fill out the Campaign Violation form on Presence. 

Meeting Date (MM-DD-YYY)Public Meeting Notice (PMN)AgendaMinutes

For any further information please file a Public Records Request with the OAC