Spring 2024 Student Association Candidates

HeadshotCandidate NamePosition SoughtMajorCandidacy Statement
Roman FritzPresidentPolitical ScienceMy name is Roman Fritz, and I am a 19 year-old Political Science major from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. I have a background in politics and activism: I am a member of UWM Students for a Democratic Society, a political group pushing for progressive reforms, and UWM UN-PAC, a non-partisan organization against money in politics and anti-democracy legislation. As President of the Student Association at UWM, I will provide an accountable and responsible link from students to administration. I hope to expand the Food Pantry and other projects that help students directly, and speed up the legislative process so that students' concerns may be responded to more quickly. I am excited to help provide student organizations with support. Most of all, I cannot wait to work with and assist the other members of the Student Association. Whether or not I win, the legislative process and student government are some of the resources at UWM I am most proud to have an opportunity to take part in!
Teresa DavisPresident

Communication Sciences and Disorders

This will be my 4th year being involved in Student Association. I have great appreciation for the opportunities this organization has provided me to learn more about our campus, make my voice as a student heard, and advocate for other UW-Milwaukee students and community members. I hope to continue this work next school year and increase the community, safety, and inclusion for all UWM students. By expanding the knowledge of the resources available and advocating for stronger classroom standards, I hope to help students feel supported and valued. I want to make the campus environment safe and inclusive to all students, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Jeremi LukosVice President of Academic Affairs


As a candidate for the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs, I am committed to enhancing the academic experience for all students at our university. To achieve this, I have devised three primary goals that aim to improve communication between professors and students, increase student advocacy, and foster a sense of community within our academic institutions.

First, I intend to establish regular communication channels, such as open forums and feedback mechanisms, to ensure that student voices are heard and valued. We can create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment by bridging the gap between faculty and students.

Second, by increasing the number of academic senators, I will work tirelessly to represent student interests, address their concerns, and advocate for policies that enhance educational outcomes. Furthermore, I encourage more students to participate in student government and academic committees, ensuring our voices are heard in decision-making processes.

Finally, I believe that by organising events, workshops, and social gatherings, we can create a vibrant and inclusive environment where students feel connected to their peers and the university. By promoting student communities, we can enhance the overall student experience and create a supportive network that extends beyond the classroom.
Tanner Cronce
Vice President of Student Affairs
Administrative Leadership - Adult Continuing Higher Education AdministrationHi everyone! My name is Tanner Cronce, and I am running for the VP of Student Affairs position.

I am currently in the graduate program for Administrative Leadership in Higher Education at UWM and I am a former high school social studies teacher and now currently work as an advisor in the Lubar Career Center! One of my passions is working to help advocate for student well-being and I want to make an even bigger impact as I run for office. I am currently part of the International Student Employment Committee, and I also work as a member of a task force within the Accessibility Resource Center.

One of my main goals in running for the VP of Student Affairs is to advocate for all students and work with the various resource centers on campus to ensure that no matter a student’s background, they feel they are a part of UWM and help strengthen the mission of what it means to be a Panther. I am confident I will be able to do the best job for you and help make our university better for all students.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I can’t wait to serve you!
Levi J KohlmannVice President of Student Affairs
Acting for Theatre, BFA/Pre-Medical Track
I've been in student government for almost 5 years, starting as senator and then executive director at UW-Green Bay's Sheboygan Campus. I've now been a senator at UWM for the past 3 years, first as academic senator for PSOA and now as an at-large senator. As VPSA I hope to continue the work I began as a senator, advocating for my fellow students both to other students and to campus administration. I love this campus and I think there is great potential for student opportunities both on campus and in the community. I would like to see our pre-medical and nursing programs partnering more often with local medical groups both for student employment and experiential opportunities. Our art programs wish to expand student influence into the community, and I would love to help facilitate this movement where I can. Our students wish to do research, and I want to push for the expansion of our research availability both to undergrad and graduate students. These are opportunities I want to see open in the next few years. But someone must work for them first. As VPSA, my hope is that I can amplify these ideas so they move from ideas into reality.
Dominic Gomez-TagleCollege of the Arts & Architecture SenatorArchitectureI am Dominic Gomez-Tagle, a sophomore in the SARUP architecture program and have been involved around campus through SURF, the SARUP Undergraduate committee, and the Dean Search and Screen Commitee for the School of Arts and Architecture. Because I plan to be attending grad school here I am inherently interested in creating an environment that is better than when I entered and that services my fellow students to the best of my ability. I am highly invested in the continuation of my service (however short) within the Student Administration in order to better provide a campus that is welcoming for all students specifically representing those in the arts and architecture. I recently filled this vacant position and have only been sworn in this past week for the prior term, so I have a lot to learn about how I can best serve my community through this program. As of the moment, I plan to meet with both the current dean of Arts and Architecture, as well as the prior deans of the SARUP and PSOA in order to better understand the community and how I can raise academic involvement amonst students. Additionally I would like to try and set up monthly open forums for the students of the SARUP and PECk in which students would be able to raise their questions and concerns with me, so that we can hopefully transform the Academic space into one that both welcomes and seves all.
Fabiola LyonsAt-Large SenatorEnglish, Psychology, SociologyAs a heavily involved and ambitious leader in the spaces I am in, I aspire to make change and make student’s voices heard. I personally had a very difficult time my first year at UWM after experiencing a severe change in my life and wished I had more of a connection to students and staff at UWM. This connection would have proved to be beneficial in making my first year manageable. I was able to utilize my skills of advocacy and resourcefulness to create a stronger foundation at UWM for my sophomore year. Through my abilities of connecting with an audience, intention, and having a passion behind everything I do, I hope to implement a First Year Experience, make campus an equitable space for underrepresented students, and work on building a sense of belonging for students through experiences we hold on campus. Bringing perspective with the lens I have is crucial in aiding the needs of the students at UWM. I hope to have a better understanding of how the system works with Student Association and build upon and gain new skills as well as making the experience at UWM the best that we can make it.
Rashida ParveenInternational Student Advocacy SenatorBiomedical SciencesI am a graduate student from Pakistan enrolled in Biomedical Sciences program, specializing in immunology with a primary focus on Lyme disease research. My ultimate goal is to become a cardiologist/oncologist. As an international student at UWM, I encountered numerous challenges stemming from cultural, religious, and linguistic disparities during my first semester. Through resilience and the invaluable support of on-campus resources, particularly the Dean of Students, I gradually regained momentum. Reflecting on my journey, I resolved to proactively address and mitigate similar hardships faced by future students. Volunteering with the Center for International Education, I’ve had the privilege of addressing several pressing issues affecting our campus community. However, there remain critical areas requiring attention, notably the challenges posed by differences in academic systems between students’ home countries and the United States. My aspiration is to bridge these gaps, fostering an inclusive environment where all students feel supported, respected, and empowered, irrespective of gender, religion, culture, or norms. Notably, I have observed reluctance among many female students, including myself initially, to engage with faculty and other resources, likely influenced by cultural disparities. Currently serving as President of the Global Student Alliance and leading a cohort of 20+ international mentors and mentees, I am committed to addressing the concerns of newly admitted students and resolving their queries. I firmly believe that now is the opportune moment to amplify the voices of global students and advocate for them on a larger platform. My ambition is to serve as a facilitator for positive change within the community, advocating inclusivity and empowerment.
La' Wanda BassCommunity Engagement Education/African & African DiasporaStudent Organization Advocacy SenatorI am a person who is committed to engaging with everyone on the campus. I try to speak to a new person every day and try to be an encouraging person to each one I meet. I am a person who is committed to building bridges on the campus, whether it is generational gaps or racial gaps. I aim to work with different organizations and all UWM students to try to make UWM a comfortable and welcoming place for everyone. I will try to be the voice for the students to the best of my ability.
Richard Weeks Information Sciences and Technology (IST)Veteran's Advocacy Senator

Being a US Marine Corps Veteran attending UW Milwaukee through the VR&E (Chapter 31) program, I have appreciated all of the resources available to veterans on campus.

After seeing a poster in the Union regarding being a Senator, I thought that could be a way for me to pay it forward for all veterans on campus. Seeing the Veteran's Advocacy Senate seat vacant, strengthened this belief.

While I lack actual political experience, I do have experience as the President of the PTA for an MPS school. I also served on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin State PTA. While with the Wisconsin PTA, I also served as the Region B and Region C Director and was a member of the Convention and the Bylaws committees.