Meet your Representatives

The Student Association is the student government and represents the students of UWM. They are the student’s voice at the table with both the faculty and the administration. They write and pass legislation, conduct surveys, design and execute projects, and work with student organizations and university committees to make sure this campus fulfills its responsibilities to all the students at UWM.

There are three branches that make up the Student Association (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), which are supported by a team of professional staff members.

The Executive Branch (Exec) is made up of three elected officials (President, VP of Student Affairs, and VP of Academic Affairs) and 6 appointed directors: Campus and Community Engagement, Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing and Programming, Diversity & Inclusion, and Student Organization Appropriations.

The Legislative Branch (Senate) is the main body of SA. There are 42 Senators split into 3 groups: Academic, Advocacy, and At-Large.

  • Academic Senators represent the different schools and colleges and work with the Program Representatives (who represent and advocate for specific programs).
  • Advocacy Senators advocate for specific non-academic student populations (ex: Women’s Advocacy Senator, LGBT+ Advocacy Senator, First Generation Student Advocacy Senator, etc…). Several of these senators chair various Student Association Committees that design and execute projects on campus. Some of their past projects have been expanding the boarders of B.O.S.S. service, creation of the Food Pantry, the Green Fund, and the establishment of the annual buss pass etc…
  • At-Large Senators pick and choose what projects they want to spear head, sit on committees, and generally advocate for all students at UWM.
  • First-Year and Transfer Student Senator elections will be happening in October, so look out for news on our Elections Page!

The Oversight and Appeals Commission (OAC) is the Judicial Branch and is made up of 5 members (the Chairperson, 2 Deputy Commissioners, and 2 At-Large Commissioners.) They hear appeals for the Student Appropriations Committee and UWM Parking Enforcement tickets, as well as officiate all Public Records Requests. They keep the records of the Student Association, ensuring that the history of SA is archived. And last, but not least, they exist to uphold, explain, and enforce the ethical and procedural standards of SA.