Be a Program Rep

So you want to be a Program Rep?

Anyone who is a degree seeking program, paying seg fees, and has a cumulative 2.5 or higher GPA, can be a Program Rep (Undergrad or Graduate Students are both welcome). Each program has their own program rep!

You can apply Here!

Nominations are open now!

For more information contact your VP of Academic Affairs Sophie Knox or contact your school/college’s Senator. You can find your Academic Senator HERE!

What is a Program Rep?

All schools/colleges on campus have at least 1 senator that represents them. However, there are several programs in every school and college. Each of these programs deserves to have a voice in our student government, to have someone who can champion their particular needs. Program Reps are these representatives. These representatives work closely with their senator. Particularly for those who want to be involved but do not have time to be a Senator, Program reps is the happy medium in terms of time commitment. You choose very specific projects you want to implement and your senator helps you to achieve these goals.

As a Program Rep, you would serve as the first point person for student suggestions and concerns within your academic program, host an open forum once or twice a semester with your designated Academic Senator, and attend a working luncheon with the designated Academic Senator and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Why be a Program Rep?

Program Representatives are the primary people that Student Association looks to for advice on academic affairs. If you have any issues with classes, professors, or the department, the Program Reps are the main way to communicate these concerns to Student Association so that we can advocate on your behalf, work to solve problems, and ensure that good things happening in your program get the spotlight they deserve!

Below you will find the testimonies of those program reps who came before. And each of them went on to become a Senator!

Brielle Shortreed, was an At-Large Senator who began her time with SA as a Program Rep. Here is her story:

My freshman year, I was just a timid undergrad more than a bit nervous to get involved in the Milwaukee community, let alone student government. However, after plenty of informative conversations and persuading from my fellow lab partner who was involved in Student Association, I became more intrigued with the idea of having a voice in important UWM decisions. That being said, I knew I wasn’t ready to run for an elected campus position quite yet, and so instead became involved as a Program Representative for the College of Health Sciences. I worked with my academic senator organizing, brain storming, and ultimately executing a variety of events in the College of Health Sciences including but not limited to hosting a Spring Social. Having gotten a taste of what SA was all about, I was hooked and opted to continue in the organization by running for a Senator At-Large position for the 2018-2019 school year. Having now solidified my seat, I am honored to continue my work this year as a Senator working along side so many incredibly intelligent peers to make UWM an even better establishment for all students.  That being said, I would have never imagined I would ever be a part of Student Association, and I strongly encourage anyone looking to learn more about what we to do become a Program Representative.

Adyson Leonard, who was an At-Large Senator began her time with SA as a Program Rep! Here is her story:

Hello! I am Adyson Leonard, a sophomore at UWM majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Spanish. Halfway through my first semester of my freshman year, I wanted to be involved in something that impacted the school while also allowing me to meet new people. Ultimately, I found both in SA as a Program Representative for my major! Along with my senator, I created events for the College of Health Sciences as well as discussed items of importance that needed to be brought to the Dean. Over the course of the year, I developed a strong bond with my senator and found many friends. From this, I decided to be an At-Large Senator in this upcoming year with the platform of raising awareness of Norris Health Center as well as further developing their system online. Overall, Program Representatives allowed for personal growth as a leader and as a member of the student body. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone!