Food Center & Pantry

COVID-19 Update:

Distribution Hours

Every Thursday from 11am – 2pm

***BAG DISTRIBUTION ONLY- see directions below***

Instructions for Bag Pick Up:

  1. Patrons should knock on the far left door of the Union entering from Circle Drive (off Kenwood Blvd). If nobody is present, patrons can call 414-416-7574 or email
  2. An FCP staff will enter the vestibule area between the doors.
  3. The Patron needs to show their UWM ID.
  4. The FCP staff will verify ID, then ask whether the individual has any special dietary needs.
  5. Once ID is shown and questions answered, the Patron should step back into the box drawn on the ground.
  6. The FCP staff will retrieve a prepackaged bag and set it on the table outside the door.
  7. Once the door is COMPLETELY CLOSED, the patron may take the bag from the table and leave.
  • Individuals can fill out this form on Presence to indicate any dietary restrictions. We will try to accommodate them as best as possible.
Bags contain roughly 1 week’s worth of food which may include the following items…
  • 2 soups
  • 1 peanut butter
  • 1 jelly
  • 2 canned proteins
  • 1 pasta sauce
  • 1 pasta/rice
  • 1 microwaveable pasta/rice
  • 2 cereal/oatmeal
  • 3 different canned veggies
  • 1 canned fruit
  • 7 snack items
  • 1 box of facial tissue.
**These items are subject to change based on availability.**

Other pantries in the Milwaukee area:

Want to help support the UWM Food Center & Pantry?

  • Our Amazon Wishlist: We have a special COVID-19 wishlist for our high need items. Folks can order and have things delivered to us directly. Mail is still being received so this would be ideal.
  • Other Amazon Items: From time to time we’ll be posting high need items on our social media. Again, folks can just order from their own Amazon account and have it delivered to 2200 E Kenwood Blvd., ATTN: Food Center & Pantry, Milwaukee, WI 53211.
  • Donate through the UWM Foundation: Head to, click “Give Now”, select “View All Giving Opportunities” and search “Food.” This ensures your donation goes directly to us!



Addressing Food Insecurity Among College Students

During Fall 2016, the Student Association (SA) conducted a campus wide survey addressing food insecurity. From those survey results (see here), we learned that roughly 50% of UWM students report not having enough food to eat. For some, this might seem like a surprising statistic, but for half of the UWM student population, this is their reality.

Our mission is to ensure that the entire UWM community has access to nutritious food and key necessities in a welcoming and educational space. We collect demographic information and a variety of other data to improve processes and ensure that it is equitable, inclusive and accessible to meet the needs of the UWM diverse student population.

Hours of Operation

The UWM Food Center and Pantry will be open every Monday from 11 AM – 1 PM and every Thursday 9 AM – 4:30 PM for the Fall 2019 semester. The Food Center is stocked completely through donations. To remain sustainable and keep our shelves stocked for as many hours as possible, we are limiting our hours. All visits to the Food Center and Pantry must take place during open hours. Shoppers must bring their UWM, and visits will be limited to once a week. 

How to Donate & Support

Learn more about how to support the FCP with our FCP Partnership Packet!

The UWM Food Center and Pantry is always looking for non-perishable food items and toiletries.

  1. Make a one time or recurring money donation through UWM’s online giving form (found here) . Under designation, select “Other” and type in “UWM Food Pantry” or  “UWM Foundation Account #83180”
  2. Round up your transaction to the nearest dollar at any register in the Union or Sandburg Hall.
  3. Drop off check donations to the Student Association office (Union EG79) or Student Association Profession Staff (SAPS) office (Union WG10). Make check payable to “UWM Foundation,” and please write “UWM Foundation Account #83180” in the memo.
  4. Drop off non-perishable, unexpired food in our permanent donation bin locations:
  5. Purchase items from our Amazon Wish List and send them directly to the Food Center and Pantry (
  • Student Association office (Union EG79)
  • Dean of Students office (Union 346)
  • UWM Athletics Pavilion Lobby (3409 N. Downer Ave.)
  • Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Building (EMS E386)
  • Chapman Hall (1st floor lobby)
  • Golda Meir Library (1st floor lobby)
  • Garland Hall (1st floor)


We are always looking for volunteers! Volunteering is open to all UWM students, faculty, and staff who have completed the volunteer orientation, and time commitment is completely on your schedule! You can volunteer one time, or as little as 30 minutes a month. Right now, we are primarily looking for volunteers to collect donations or staff the Food Center and Pantry during open hours. If you’re looking to play a larger role in the Food Center and Pantry, you can work alongside our Executive Team in areas of interest.

If interested in volunteering, holding a fundraiser, or food drive to support the Food Center and pantry, email

Fresh Picks Mobile Market

We have begun hosting the Hunger Task Force Fresh Picks Mobile Market, which offers fresh produce, meat, and dairy items at a discount. The market accepts debit cards, credit cards and Quest EBT. The Fresh Picks Mobile Market visits UWM the first Thursday of every month.


Call *211 for Emergency Food Assistance

If you have questions, please email UWM Food Center and Pantry at

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