Payroll Deduction Cancellation Form

This form is to cancel payroll deduction(s).

If you paid for a permit with a credit/debit card, check, or cash, please use our Permit Cancellation Form instead.

  • Note: When requesting to cancel your payroll deduction(s), all deductions are prorated to the 15th of the month or the end of the calendar month dependent on the submission date of the cancellation or if indicated otherwise in the form below.

    Commuter Value Pass (CVP) cancellations must be made by the second business day of the month, or the deduction will be processed for the whole of the month. The CVP card will also need to be returned to the Transportation Services office. If a cancellation for a CVP is submitted after the second business day of the month, the request will be processed for the following month.
  • This is also known as your "campus ID number". It begins with "99" and is followed by seven digits. If longer, include only the first nine digits. Not sure what your Student ID is? You can use the Campus ID Finder Tool to find out.
  • Available on your pay stub, and usually has leading zero(es).
  • Some customers have multiple permits, please indicate which permit(s) you wish cancelled.
  • If desired, you may indicate in advance the cancellation in case you require its use for an additional length of time.
  • Besides the month, you will need to indicate if you would like the cancellation to take effect on the 15th of the desired month or at the end of desired month.
    Note: CVP cancellations may only take place at the end of the month. If you select the 15th, it will be forwarded to the end of the selected month.