U-PASS Update

As of August 27, the U-PASS for Fall ’18 has been activated and Summer ’18 has been deactivated. Please remember that the U-PASS is registered to individual users and may not be shared. It will be active during semesters in… Read More

Prowl Line Update

The Prowl Line will begin the Residence Hall Route on Tuesday, August 28. The Residence Hall Route will run every 10-15 minutes on a continuous loop. There is no service to the Capitol/Humboldt Upark until Tuesday, September 4. See the… Read More

Parking Alternatives

There are many alternative ways to get to UWM through busing, carpool, walking or biking. Several bus routes from around the city travel directly to campus. Plan your MCTS ride using the Bus Trip Planner. Think you live too far… Read More

Summer Garage Closures

All of the garages on campus will be undergoing construction this summer, with the exception of the Union. This includes Lubar, NWQ, Pavilion, EMS, Sandburg, and Kenilworth. Construction will rotate among them so that they are not all closed at… Read More