The table below provides rates for many permits and hourly charges for surface lots and garages for UW—Milwaukee. Permits are sold online at uwm.edu/transportation/getpermits, unless noted otherwise as “Purchase at Office”. By clicking on a permit name, a new window will open for a map displaying where that permit is valid. Most permits are prorated for the purchase date. There are no refunds on daily permits.

Any UWM Semester and Annual permit regardless of the facility, allows a parker to park on any outdoor UWM surface lot after 4 pm. Cars parked on all UWM surface lots and most garages may not park overnight and any vehicles parked after 2 am without permission may be ticketed/towed at owners expense. Certain garages allow overnight parking as long as the parker has purchased a permit with that access. If a permit parker (without overnight parking) does need to park overnight, a request including the license plate # must be made in advance of the requested date to uwmpark@uwm.edu.

UWM uses license plate recognition software to determine if a vehicle has a permit, and no stickers or hang tags are necessary. To enter and exit the Union, NWQ, Pavilion, Lubar, and Kenilworth garages, simply hold your PantherCard up to the keypad in order for it to scan and raise the gate.

Please note that the K-permit and/or all-access permit does not allow parking in Chancellor’s spaces, disabled spaces, spaces reserved for events/guests, or loading/drop-off areas (including the Lubar, Union, and Sandburg circle driveways).

Please consult this page or the Transportation Services Map for current pricing.

The first tab contains all permits (annual, semester, monthly, seasonal, and contractor), garage validations, etc. The second contains daily and hourly rates.

For part-time permits or one-day passes, please see our Part-Time Permits page for more information.


The following table contains annual, semester, monthly, seasonal, and contractor permits as well as departmental garage validations, reservations, and other non-transient parking charges.

Use the search bar and column filters to find facilities, permit types, and eligible customers.

Rates below are prorated. However, if you recently visited this site, the old rates may be stored (cached) in your web browser. You can clear the cache to see the latest rates (desktop/mobile).

For the 2020-2021 school year, all applicable discounts have been included in the prices listed below.

For part-time permits or one-day passes, please see our Part-Time Permits page for more information.

Hourly Rates

Parking facilities typically have different rate schedules. The relevant rate schedule is selected based on the day of the week and hour a vehicle enters a facility. Parking is not allowed overnight (2 AM to 5 AM) unless you have an overnight permit (see above) or have attained prior permission from Transportation Services.

Use the Search bar to find facilities as well as the days of a week a rate is valid for. For example, if you’re parking in the NWQ Garage on a weekday, search “NWQ weekday” to get valid rates for those days. You can sort the results by column, too.

For part-time permits or one-day passes, please see our Part-Time Permits page for more information


Parkmobile, Flowbird, and other payment services may charge additional transaction charges not reflected in the table below.

Off-Campus Parking
Off-campus parking is available in the areas surrounding UWM. Use the filters on the left to narrow down options to your criteria. This parking is NOT affiliated with UWM in any way.