Lot 7 SARUP/Engelmann Partial Closure

The next phase of the Engelmann Stadium turf replacement will begin on Friday, 5/10. The spaces adjacent to Engelmann Stadium have already been fenced off for the project. The 28 spaces in the middle aisle will also be blocked for a few weeks (depending on the project’s progress). See map below; the spaces within the black box will be closed off for this time period. Spaces on the perimeter adjacent to Engelmann Hall, Lapham Hall, and the SARUP building are not expected to be affected, but it may change depending on project needs. Lot 20 Cunningham remains open. UWM Athletics is thrilled to be upgrading the turf on Engelmann Stadium and appreciates your willingness to temporarily shift your parking habits while this essential facility maintenance is underway. Please let us know if you have any questions.