Social Work, Marriage/Family Therapy & Counseling – Continuing Education

From mental health practices for the LGBTQ+ community to mindfulness practices, new challenges and discoveries make human services a rewarding field.

Earn your Continuing Education Units while meeting the licensure requirements for continuing education hours. The variety of courses in both online and face-to-face formats means they’ll fit your schedule and your desire for learning.

Please view the chapter MPSW19 for Marriage & Family Therapy, Counseling & Social Worker.

Plan ahead on your human services continuing education hours for the Feb 28, 2025, licensure deadline. 

To register or find details on individual courses, click on the course title below.

Community Safety for Human Service Professionals

Aug 7-9, 2024 Live Online

Apr 23-25, 2025 Live Online

Creating an Organizational Culture of Equity

June 4, 2024 Live Online

Nov 5, 2024 Live Online

June 3, 2025 Live Online

Nov 4, 2025 Live Online

Disparities in School Discipline

Open enrollment – Register anytime On-Demand Online

Disparities in Special Education

Open enrollment – Register anytime On-Demand Online

Essentials of Effective Case Management

Oct 9, 2024 Live Online

Jan 24, 2025 Live Online

Sept 26, 2025 Live Online

Literacy and Social Justice

Open enrollment – Register anytime On-Demand Online

Mind-Body Tools for Deeper Wellness

Oct 18, 2024 Live Online

Feb 20, 2026 Live Online

Motivational Interviewing

Oct 21-25, 2024 Live Online

Mar 24-28, 2025 Live Online

Oct 27-31, 2025 Live Online

Navigating Trauma to Empower Families

June 12, 2024 Live Online

Social Work Ethics and Boundaries

May 29, 2024 Live Online

Oct 11, 2024 Live Online

Dec 6, 2024 Live Online

Jan 17, 2025 Live Online

Feb 21, 2025 Live Online

Mar 14, 2025 Live Online

Oct 17, 2025 Live Online


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