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Strengthen student engagement Via AI-enhanced assignments

1 November | Deanna Wesolowski

On November 1st, Deanna Wesolowski shared how she increased student engagement and learning through the use of AI.

Concerned students would use AI to cheat in her classics course, Dr. Wesolowski adapted: instead of asking students to write a traditional three-page paper, she tasked them with editing, revising, and critiquing an essay written entirely by Chat-GPT. Dr. Wesolowski found the activity improved student knowledge of course content, boosted student interest and engagement, and highlighted to students the danger of relying solely on AI to write their papers.

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Digital Handout
Includes Deanna’s assignment instructions and Chat GPT 3.5 prompt

Teaching and AI Ethics in Today’s Digital Classroom

4 October | Lois Scheidt

Generative AI is a powerful tool that can enhance student learning and our own teaching. Yet, we know AI likewise opens the possibility of undetectable academic misconduct.

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In this session Lois Scheidt shares her strategies to help her students use AI responsibly, ethically, and in a manner that fosters better reasoning skills in her online course. We explore AI classroom ethics, how to establish clear guidelines for using AI in your course, and how to use generative AI as a powerful teaching tool.

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Today’s AI technology and its impact on your classroom

13 September | Lane Sunwall & David Delgado

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of AI but concerned about its role in your teaching environment? Join us for an illuminating exploration by Lane Sunwall and David Delgado into the present and future of AI technology.

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In this workshop, we’ll delve into the current AI landscape and unveil future AI features and applications. Next, we’ll explore into AI’s impact on education, offering insights into crafting effective AI classroom policies and integrating time-saving AI tools into your teaching routine. Finally, we’ll examine innovative assignment techniques that reinforce course objectives while utilizing AI. Bring your laptop or mobile device to engage in a hands-on activity that will provide you tailored resources you can use this upcoming semester.

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