Small Group Learning Certificate

Small Group Learning Certificate

Group learning can yield gains in student learning. However, students may not know how to lead and manage peers in a group context and instructors often miss crucial aspects of small group learning design that would drive teams to their highest potential. How should group leadership be handled and how do you design in class group work? How should group projects and members be evaluated? The nuts and bolts of group learning and the Five Principles of collaborative learning will be examined and applied, culminating in a critique of sample group projects using the five principles learned.

Participants will receive the CETL booklet, Active Learning and Small Group Learning. Active learning classroom instructors are strongly encouraged to attend. Participants are eligible to achieve the Certificates in Active Learning and Small Group Learning.

The required worksheets and exercises are embedded in the Small Group Booklet and identified as CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS. You are eligible to receive the CETL Small Group Learning Certificate by completing the following requirements. They are uploaded to each module on the D2L page as a WORD document. Reviewers will evaluate your materials three times per year (March 1st, July 1st, and November 1st).

Contact Connie Schroeder, (229-5764) in CETL.


  • Complete the online application to enroll in the Certificate.
  • Fully attend the CETL two-part Small Group Learning workshop on.
  • Submit in full all of the required SGLs and assessments. Materials are considered complete when:
  • Submitted to the appropriate Dropbox in WORD document format only
  • Your name is on all document top left or right
  • File uploaded are labeled with the number of the SGL and your last name, i.e., SGL#6 Schroeder.
  • Each small group learning task is completed, including the rubric or assessment specifications.