UWM Lightboard


Searching for a simple method to create high-impact online lectures? Wondering how to combine the ease of whiteboard notation with online video? A lightboard may offer you a solution.

Lightboards are large backlit panes of glass on which instructors draw while speaking into a camera. They are similar to a traditional whiteboard, with the exception that instructors stand behind the glass to draw equations, write notes, and edit on-screen slides. All the while instructors are able to look directly at the camera where students would be in a face-to-face classroom (Click here for a short demo).  Our lightboard setup is user friendly (requiring only two buttons to operate), and permits you to teach as though you were in a physical classroom. (Actual instructor-created examples here). 

Combined with thoughtful pedagogy, we believe lightboards can boost instructor presence in the course, and help build a community of learning. 


Learn more about our Lightboard!

Active Teaching Lab Session

On November 10, we provided a recorded introduction and walkthrough of UW-Milwaukee’s lightboard. The session introduced the lightboard studio space, showed how to sign up and reserve use of the lightboard, and provided access to additional training material.


Self-paced Lightboard training course in Canvas. 

This Canvas course will provide an overview of lightboard technology, a calendar to help you plan your lightboard session, instructions to use the lightboard, and information on how to edit and publish your lightboard video.


Make a reservation now!

To reserve usage with the lightboard, please email cetl@uwm.edu requesting use. This email should include your name, department, and your desired time slots. Your email will be returned with your appointment time and instructions for accessing the Northwest Quadrant room with the lightboard (NWQ 2495).

Lightboard Reservation Calendar

Use this calendar link to see when the Northwest Quadrant is open and if your desired time slot is currently available.

Knowledgebase Documentation at kb.uwm.edu 

Instructional resources available in the UWM knowledgebase. All content in the UWM knowledgebase regarding the lightboard is identical to those found in the Canvas training course.