Canvas Course Template

CETL has developed a Canvas Course Template that can be imported by UWM instructors into their Canvas course sites. The Canvas Course Template was designed to help instructors efficiently and effectively set up their courses and to promote a consistent student experience among courses in Canvas. Instructors are not required to use the template and can incorporate all or just some of its elements to suit their specific needs. The template is intended to be used by the widest range of instructors teaching a diverse array of courses in any modality (online, blended/hybrid, and face-to-face).

If you’d like to preview the Canvas Course Template, you can self-enroll in the preview site using this link. You can also explore how one instructor used the template in his course, please visit this video link.

How to Import the Template

Visit this link for a video tutorial of the import template process.

  1. Download the Canvas Course Template
  2. Log into Canvas
  3. Go to the Canvas course site in which you’d like to use the template
  4. Go to Settings in the course navigation menu
  5. Click “Import Course Content” to the right
  6. Choose “Canvas Course Export Package” from the dropdown list
  7. Click “Choose File” and select the downloaded Canvas Course Template (.imscc) on your computer
  8. Select the “All Content” radio button
  9. Click “Import”
  10. Go to the course Home and start with the “How to Use this Template” page

Please contact CETL if you need help using or importing the Canvas Course Template!