Active Teaching Lab

CETL Active Teaching Lab

Active Teaching Labs – Wednesdays Starting January 23           8:30 – 9:30 am ENG B73

In Spring 2019, CETL will launch a weekly Active Teaching Lab in which you can:

  • Learn what other instructors are trying in their courses — teaching and learning strategies, cool tools, Canvas features, and more!
  • Work with other instructors and CETL staff on challenges you are experiencing
  • Experiment with new teaching strategies and cool tools in use at UWM
  • Discuss over bagels and coffee topics pertinent to you

Each Active Teaching Lab will begin with a 10-15 minute presentation. The presenter will share how s/he used Canvas, a cool tool, or a teaching strategy in a course and the outcome: what worked, what was hard, what was learned through the process, and what they’d do differently. After the short presentation, attendees will learn how to use the tool or strategy shared and have the opportunity to unpack the pedagogy informing it.

Please forward the names of all potential presenters directly to Lane Sunwall at