Active Teaching Lab

About Active Teaching Lab

Active Teaching Lab provides instructors an opportunity to learn from other educators. Each month a UWM instructor shares how they utilized a cool tool or a teaching strategy in a course and the outcome: what worked, what was hard, what was learned through the process, and what they’d do differently.

After the short presentation, attendees will learn how to use the tool or strategy shared and have the opportunity to unpack the pedagogy informing it.

Active Teaching Lab is held the first Wednesday of the Month, 12:00 – 1:00pm – via Zoom!

REGISTRATION: The Labs are open to all. Registration is not required, but is appreciated

LIVE: Not able to make it to a Lab? Fear not! All Labs will be recorded and handouts will be made available electronically below.



Future Sessions

Make Students’ Thinking Visible : Tips and tricks to encourage robust classroom participation

2 NOVEMBER  |  Shubhangi Stalder, Jill Meyers, and Xianwei Van Harpen
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Among the greatest challenges we face as educators is fostering a classroom environment in which students feel enabled to speak out, participate, and share their thoughts. This knowledge is crucial for the student’s learning – and for the instructor in gauging how well the class has mastered course content.

Join us November 2nd as Shubhangi Stalder, Jill Meyers, and Xianwei Van Harpen share their strategies to foster student interaction, boost participation, and increase the visibility of student thinking.

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Activate prior knowledge and enhance learning using the KWLH method

7 DECEMBER  | Rosemary Stelzer
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Rosemary Stelzer had a problem: how could she help students prepare to actively engage in class? Making matters more difficult was the fact that her course was in a large lecture hall with over 100 students.

Join us December 7th as Rosemary Stelzer shares the solution to her quandary: the KWLH method, developed in 1986 by Donna Ogle. KWLH helped Rosemary’s students to identify their prior knowledge, prepared them to share that content with the class, and then gave them the tools to reflect on their learning process.

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Past Sessions

Microsoft Sway | Create digital readings and course content easily

Ann Raddant | 5 Oct 2022
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Would you like to create course material that students can access wherever they study, whether it’s at home, the coffee shop, or the bus? Want digital course material that is easily read no matter what screen students use: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone?

In this first Active Teaching Lab of the fall, Ann Raddant shares how she builds course content for her biological sciences courses using Microsoft Sway. Sway allows Ann to transform Microsoft Word documents into stunning webpages with just a few clicks of her mouse! Ann then shares with her students a link to her page, and they can review course content wherever and whenever they like, all on a webpage perfectly adapted to their device.

October 5th Session Recording