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Active Teaching Lab provides instructors an opportunity to learn from other educators. Each month a UWM instructor shares how they utilized a cool tool or a teaching strategy in a course and the outcome: what worked, what was hard, what was learned through the process, and what they’d do differently.

After the short presentation, attendees will learn how to use the tool or strategy shared and have the opportunity to unpack the pedagogy informing it.

Active Teaching Lab is held the first Wednesday of the Month, 9:00 – 10:00am – in B73 Engelmann Hall and live via Zoom!

REGISTRATION: The Labs are open to all. Registration is not required, but is appreciated

LIVE: Not able to make it to a Lab? Fear not! All Labs will be recorded and handouts will be made available electronically below.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Generative AI, Academic Libraries, and Student Research

May 1  | UWM Library Staff
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In an age of information abundance, do libraries really need to manage and provide access to information? In an age of generative AI, do our students actually need to learn how to find, evaluate, and use information?

Join us, May 1st as members of the UWM libraries lead a facilitated discussion to empower you to move beyond pro/con thinking about AI and student research. They’ll lead you through guided reflections to arrive at a disciplinary and student-centered approach that you can apply to improve your next research paper assignments.


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