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Sarah Riforgiate Crafting Meaningful Feedback in Canvas. Curious how to craft meaningful feedback your students will actually use? Join us as Sarah Riforgiate shares how she creates feedback in Canvas that improves student success and fosters self-evaluation. Strategies featured will be applicable for those teaching small humanities discussion sections, large lecture courses in the sciences, and everything in between! Register Here | Live Stream

Worried about the transition to Canvas? Struggling with your teaching style? Want to experiment in your course, and don’t know where to start? Bring your questions and ideas to Active Teaching Lab!

Active Teaching Lab provides a weekly venue for educators to learn about Canvas from other instructors. Each week will begin with a ten-minute presentation. The instructor will share how they used a Canvas tool or teaching strategy in their course, unpack the pedagogy informing their innovation, and discuss the outcome of their efforts. Attendees will then learn how to use the tool discussed, and ask questions of the presenter, other participants, and on-site CETL staff.

REGISTRATION: The Labs are open to all & refreshments will be available. Registration is not required, but is appreciated – so we can order enough bagels!

LIVE: Not able to make it to a Lab? Fear not! All Labs will be live-streamed and handouts will be made available electronically. Click here for live-stream!Register Here!

Previous Labs

Carol Klingbeil Module Course Design in Canvas. Want to build a Canvas course that is easy to navigate and use? Join us as Carol Klingbeil shares how she uses Canvas modules to help students better navigate her course site and improve their learning outcomes. (Feb 6)Archived Content
Susan Stalewski Tools to Improve Student Time Management: Canvas Syllabus, Calendar, and Dashboard. Curious how Canvas can help students better manage their time and not fall behind? Come discover how Susan Stalewski employs the Canvas Syllabus, Calendar, and Dashboard tools to help her students stay on task. (Feb 13)Archived Content
Nathan Jungi ePortfolios. Interested in helping students create a digital learning record or demonstrate course competencies? Curious as to the difference between ePortfolios in D2L and Canvas? Join us for Nathan Jung’s presentation of Canvas’ ePortfolio tool. Discover how he integrates it within his courses and its impact on student success. (Feb 20) – Archived Content
Joseph Retzer Canvas Gradebook. Moving to a new gradebook system may seem daunting. Join us as Joseph Retzer shares how he made the transition to Canvas gradebook in his large lecture course. Discover how he managed grades, gave feedback, and intervened when students fell behind. (Feb 27)
Archived Content
Sarah Riforgiate Strategies for Effective Discussions in Canvas. Discussions with digital tools can feel forced, and students often struggle to write meaningful posts. Sarah Riforgiate will share how she employs Canvas discussion and group tools to improve course interactions and student learning outcomes. (March 6) Archived Content
Aragorn Quinn Canvas Page Design. Well-designed content pages can help students better engage with course material. Join us as Aragorn Quinn shares his strategies for improving student comprehension with immersive Canvas pages that integrate rich media, employ internal navigation, and direct students to important content. (March 13) Archived Content
Yael Ben-yitschak Online Teaching Strategies using Video Looking to improve digital interactions in your face-to-face, blended, or online course? Join us as Yael Ben-yitschak shares how she incorporates video lectures, discussions, and assignments into her courses using Kaltura and Canvas. By employing this rich media, Yael improves online communication, fosters an online community of learning, and boosts student learning outcomes. (March 27) Archived Content
Michael Newman Quizzes in Large Lecture Courses.  In-class, low-stakes quizzes offer an important method with which to take attendance, craft better lectures, and improve student comprehension. Join us as Michael Newman explains his use of Canvas Quizzes in a large lecture course. (April 3) Archived Content
Ann Raddant Rubrics and SpeedGrader. Struggling with Canvas rubrics? Want to get the most out of SpeedGrader? Come discover how Ann Raddant uses both tools to increase grading efficiency, and help students better capitalize on her feedback. (April 10) Archived Content
Abigail Phillips Canvas Communication and Student Engagement. Consistent, timely, and personal communication is crucial to student success. Join us, as veteran Canvas instructor Abigail Phillips shares her in-class communication strategies. Discover tips and tricks to improve student interaction and outcomes with Gradebook, Notifications, Announcements, and Canvas Chat. (April 17) Archived Content
Ester Suarez-Felipe Student Collaboration and Peer Instruction in Canvas. Is it time to re-evaluate your preconceptions of online discussion? This week Ester Suarez-Felipe shares how she uses Canvas discussions to improve course interactions, boost class buy-in, and empower students to mentor each other. (April 24) Archived Content
Thomas Best Formative Assessment with Canvas Quizzes. Thomas Best shares how he builds Canvas quizzes as formative teaching tools in his online courses. Discover tips and tricks to improve your quizzes, provide student accommodations, and create tests that foster future learning. (May 1) Archived Content
Thomas Best Collaboration, Peer Instruction, and Community Building – D2L and Canvas. Looking for new ways to improve student learning? Join us as professor Ellyn Lem shares how she creates impactful assignments that improve course interactions, build a community of learning, and empower students to mentor each other! (May 6 – Waukesha) Handout | Recording
Jonathan Bruce and Vipavee Thongpriwan Design your Next Canvas Course. Survived your first semester in Canvas and looking to tweak your course? Curious what problems Canvas instructors commonly face? This week Jonathan Bruce and Vipavee Thongpriwan share the adjustments they made after their first semester teaching in Canvas. Join us for tips and tricks you can employ next semester and beyond! (May 8)