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Nathan Jungi

TurningPoint and Canvas

Improving Student Engagement with Student Response Systems.

Feb 26 | Curious how TurningPoint works in the classroom? Want to learn more about how interactive technologies foster student engagement? This week Renee Calkins shares how she uses TurningPoint to foster critical thinking, review conceptual questions, and create in-class games. Register Here

Worried about the transition to Canvas? Struggling with your teaching style? Want to experiment in your course, and don’t know where to start? Bring your questions and ideas to Active Teaching Lab!

Active Teaching Lab provides a weekly venue for educators to learn about Canvas from other instructors. Each week will begin with a fifteen-minute presentation. The instructor will share how they used a Canvas tool or teaching strategy in their course, unpack the pedagogy informing their innovation, and discuss the outcome of their efforts. Attendees will then learn how to use the tool discussed, and ask questions of the presenter, other participants, and on-site CETL staff.

REGISTRATION: The Labs are open to all & refreshments will be available. Registration is not required, but is appreciated – so we can order enough bagels!

LIVE: Not able to make it to a Lab? Fear not! All Labs will be live-streamed and handouts will be made available electronically. Click here for live-stream! | Register Here!




Upcoming Labs

Bill Cleveland and Connie Schroeder The Kolb Cycle in Canvas.  Is there a section of your course you wish could change? Looking for strategies to remake a stale assignment into something more engaging? Join us as Bill Cleveland and Connie Schroeder share how they employ the Kolb Cycle to boost student interest and outcomes. (March 4) Register Here
Beaker Decoration The Tools Students Use.  We may know much about the technology we provide students to complete course content (Canvas, TurningPoint, Acrobat), but what technology do they choose to use? Join us as we take a peek at flashcard apps, Study Blue, and more! (March 11) Register Here
Aragorn Quinn No Active Teaching Lab March 18 | Spring Break
Unknown Profile Canvas Commons | March 25
Unknown Profile Using Library Services | April 1
Unknown Profile Branching Scenarios and H5P | April 15
Unknown Profile Canvas Quizzes in the Classroom | April 22
Unknown Profile Piazza | April 29
Unknown Profile Student Success Strategies | May 6

Past Labs

Phillip Owens Jan 29 | Canvas Gradebook: More than points. Dissatisfied with student responses to your feedback? Want to focus your students’ attention more on improving the quality of their work and not simply their grade? Join us as Ed Price shares his tips for using Canvas to communicate grades and feedback in ways that emphasize learning and student growth. Archived Content
Phillip Owens Feb 5 | First-Year Student Projects & Experiential Learning. Looking for ways to connect your course to students’ academic and professional goals? Join us at the next Active Teaching Lab as Phillip Owens shares how (via a sequence of research projects) he gives his first-year students first-hand experience with chemistry. Stay for a wider conversation on creating impactful student projects, experiential learning, and food! Archived Content
Lisa Bradford Feb 12 | Effective Emails in Canvas: Improve your Classroom Climate via Effective Communication. Struggling to connect with a few of your students? Hope to reduce misunderstandings in your emails? Curious just how to use Canvas Inbox? Join us as Lisa Bradford shares the communication strategies she employs to improve her classroom environment both online and face-to-face. Stay for a demonstration of the Canvas Inbox tool and a wider conversation on student communication expectations! Lab Handout | YouTube Video | Lab Notes
Rachel Baum Feb 19 | Tips and Tricks for Canvas: Stacking the Odds in your Student’s Favor. Want to improve your students’ chances for success in college? Join us as Rachel Baum shares Canvas and course-design strategies she employs to students succeed in her courses and beyond. Topics include: point-based grading, extra credit, student time management, and responsive reading strategies Lab Handout | YouTube Video | Lab Notes