Teaching Programs

For several of its programs, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is beginning to offer workshops that are delivered fully online for participants.

Currently, we offer the following virtual workshops:

Self-Enrolling CETL Online Teaching Programs 

Our “self-enrolled” workshop format is designed to enable you to access CETL teaching and learning resources and workshop materials 24/7! Each workshop embeds multiple examples, research-based learning principles, and practices, and opportunities for you to begin applying the concepts and practices to your own course.

Each workshop may include a voice-over PowerPoint, handouts or a booklet, templates, or links to video clips or website materials.

We are always available to meet with you individually in person, via email, phone, or other programs to help you use these materials to meet your course needs.

CETL Self-Enrolling Teaching Programs

CETL Self-enrolling Teaching Programs Currently Available on Canvas

We are in the process of providing all materials in Canvas for each workshop listed below. The Canvas workshop modules are under completion weekly. Please check back for additional materials and modules. Please contact CETL if you need materials not listed below at: mpcos@uwm.edu

Workshop Handouts, Materials PowerPoint Voice-over PowerPoint
1.   Active Learning Classrooms: What, Where, Why, How
2.   Alignment: Is Your Course Aligned?
3.   Class Discussions and Silence: Moving to Higher Learning y y y
4.   Class Presentations: Raising the Bar on Learning y y
5.   Course Learning Outcomes
6.   Critical Thinking: Making the Unfamiliar Familiar
7.   Explaining Learning to Students
8.   First Day Strategies
9.   Grading Schemes that Support Active Learning y y y
10.  I’ve Just Inherited a Course – What’s Next?
11.  Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle for Engagement and Learning y y
12.  Lesson Planning
13.  Pedagogy of Caring y
14.  Pre- and Post-Assessments: Multiple Tools in One y
15.  Effective Rubrics
16.  Scaffolding Assignments y y y
17.  Small Group Learning (Certificate Option)
18.  Ten Essentials for Large Classes
19.  Threshold Concepts y y
20.  What if Students Resist Learning? y