Self-Paced Teaching Programs

Canvas Modular Training – 

  • Canvas 1: Navigation and Settings
  • Canvas 2: Modules and Analytics
  • Canvas 3: Assignments and Rubrics
  • Canvas 4: Gradebook
  • Canvas 5: Syllabus and Pages
  • Canvas 6: Content Delivery
  • Canvas 7: Discussions and Groups
  • Canvas 8: Quizzes and Surveys
  • Canvas 9: Zoom

Synchronous and Asynchronous Course Design Workshops (for any course format)

The following narrated or recorded workshops focus on multiple components of course design for any course format. They reside in Canvas 24/7 and do not require registration.  Please email Connie Schroeder in CETL with questions about the workshops listed below.

Asynchronous Workshops Course Design Canvas Workshops (for any course format)

  • Effective Rubrics
  • Class Discussions: Silence to Higher Learning
  • Class Presentations: Raising the Bar
  • Grading Schemes to Support Active Learning
  • Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle-Certif. Opt.
  • Lesson Planning
  • Low Stakes Assessment
  • Pre-surveying Students
  • Scaffolding
  • Student Resistance to Active Learning
  • Ten Essentials for Large Classes
  • Transparency in Course Design
  • UWM Active Learning Classrooms
  • What is Learning? Explaining Learning to Students

Course Design Certificate:

Active Learning – Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle Certificate:

Synchronous Canvas Course Design Workshops (Recorded)

  • Grading Schemes for Engagement
  • Aligning Your Syllabus with Active Learning
  • Class Discussions and Silence
  • Class Presentations: Who is Learning?
  • Lesson Planning for Engagement: Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle -Certificate Optional
  • Learning in Groups
  • Scaffolding for Success
  • Ten Essentials for Large Classes