Course Design Institute

Every semester, CETL offers a two-part Course Design Institute which is designed to help instructors create or significantly revise a course for an upcoming semester. Make a course your own by making the changes with confidence that your course components align with your course outcomes and will advance the level of student engagement and learning you have in mind.

Participants will receive the Learner-centered Course Design booklet explaining the seven-part design process with examples of each course design component. Through interactive exercises, we will begin using the design steps during the Institute. The result of this in-depth series will be your course well on its way with greater intentionality and transparency.

Course Design Institute Part I: Part I will guide you in framing your questions about student learning and designing your course to get students to achieve the learning you intend. You will develop a course framework that uncovers the course’s big ideas, write course learning outcomes, and design key assignments that frame your course and its content.

Course Design Institute Part II: Part II will guide you in developing grading schemes, crafting assignment criteria and rubrics, and embedding low stakes assessments that help you know if your students “get it,” and selecting and embedding active learning, student responsibility and accountability in your teaching methods, and translating your course into an evocative syllabus.

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