Partners in Peer Review

CETL Partners in Peer-Review (PiP)

The new Partners in Peer-Review (PiP) provides a comfortable, reciprocal, flexible, and productive partnership in peer review that will inspire your teaching and will benefit students. By attending a CETL PiP session, you will get a brief program overview, locate peer review partners outside of your program or use this session to start a PiP within your program! All materials are available for you to use and modify as needed. The CETL PiP program has features rarely seen in university or department-based Peer Review programs, including the unique features below:

  1. Collaborative: Functions with collaborative, supportive Peer Teams of two or three.
  2. Flexible: Each team member selects an area of focus from over 10 broad teaching growth areas.
  3. Reciprocal: Trio partners give and receive peer feedback versus a typical, one-direction process.
  4. Individualized Pacing: Peer Teams arrange their own observation, meetings, or deadline dates.
  5. Privacy: This process focuses on growth: Only teaching plans are submitted; observations and feedback are private.