Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching

The Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching (OBT Certificate) is sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Provost to illustrate evidence of sound pedagogical course design and practice in online or blended teaching.

This certificate program builds upon the Online and Blended Teaching Program (OBTP), offering instructors an opportunity to apply their learning from the OBTP and to receive a detailed evaluation of an online or blended course they have taught. In addition, OBT Certificate recipients are asked to later serve as course reviewers for the program, which provides opportunities for further learning and helps to cultivate a culture of peer review and effective online teaching.

Please note that this certificate is different from the OBTP Badge of Completion. You need to have fully taught an online or blended course at UWM before you can apply for the OBT Certificate. For the purposes of this certificate program, the course must be planned from the start as either blended or fully online.

Certificate Requirements

To receive the Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching, you need to complete the following steps in the order listed:

  1. Earn the OBTP Badge of Completion (or have previously attended the face-to-face OBTP)
  2. Deliver an online or blended for-credit course at UWM
  3. Submit your application for the certificate by emailing the following four items to Sarah MacDonald [macdonal@uwm.edu]:
    • The term and year (e.g. Summer 2020) when you earned the OBTP Badge of Completion or attended the face-to-face OBTP
    • The course name and Canvas course ID of the course site you would like to have evaluated (The course ID is the six-digit number at the end of the URL string when you are at your course Home page in Canvas.)
    • A completed self-review of the course, using the Peer Evaluation Checklist for Online Courses. Note that you will need to download the checklist as a fillable PDF; please be sure to choose the Peer Evaluation (rather than the Self Evaluation). For brief explanations of each checklist item, visit the Checklist Help page.
    • A 3-5 page letter of reflection, following these Reflection Guidelines [PDF]
  4. Have your online or blended course evaluated by a CETL staff member and a former certificate recipient

Application and Evaluation Schedule

The annual deadline to apply for the OBT Certificate is August 31, although if you have your application materials prepared prior to that date, you are welcome to submit them earlier in the year.

Course evaluations are completed during the Fall semester, and candidates receive their results and feedback in December. Certificates are awarded in January, typically during CETL’s annual Teaching and Learning Symposium.

Once you have completed the OBTP and taught at least one online or blended course, you are welcome to apply for the OBT Certificate during any year. Some instructors earn the OBT Certificate very soon after completing the OBTP; other instructors earn the certificate a few or even several years later.

For more information on the Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching, or if you have any specific questions about this program, please contact Sarah MacDonald in CETL.