Online and Blended Teaching Program

Are you scheduled to teach an online or blended course? If so, the Online and Blended Teaching Program—also known as OBTP—can help! OBTP provides practical pedagogical strategies for teaching an online or blended course. OBTP is supported by research and has been developed by CETL staff members with firsthand experience teaching online and blended courses. The six core modules in OBTP include:

  • Overview of Online and Blended Teaching
  • Assessing Your Students
  • Delivering Content
  • Building Community
  • Supporting Your Students
  • Evaluating Your Course

In addition, OBTP includes three optional modules for specific pedagogical needs:

  • Blended/Hybrid and Flipped Learning
  • Large Enrollment Online Courses
  • Synchronous Online Learning

OBTP focuses on pedagogical practices but does NOT provide training on technology tools.

OBTP Formats

OBTP is offered in three formats to meet the diverse needs and preferences of UWM instructors:

  • Online self-paced
  • Online synchronous
  • Face-to-face (not currently available due to social distancing)

You are welcome to mix and match the online formats and to attend sessions more than once. For example, you could attend two online synchronous workshops and then complete the rest of OBTP in the online self-paced site, or if you need a refresher on any of the modules, you can register for another online synchronous workshop when it fits your schedule. If you have completed OBTP in the past and would like to review the materials, you are welcome to enroll in the self-paced course and attend the online synchronous sessions.

All three formats provide the same content to help you develop and deliver an online or blended course.

Online Self-Paced Offering

The online self-paced format is offered through a dedicated Canvas course site. This is a good option for instructors who prefer to review content on their own time and at their own pace. The site is designed for self-paced training and to provide just-in-time resources for instructors who are teaching online and blended courses. The online self-paced offering contains content related to six core modules and three optional modules. Each of the six core modules also includes a 10-question multiple-choice quiz focused on the content of that module; participants who earn 80% or better on all six quizzes will receive the OBTP Badge of Completion (see below). There are no quizzes for the three optional modules. All modules include an asynchronous discussion space for participants to ask questions related to the content.

Enroll in the OBTP Online Self-Paced Offering

Online Synchronous Offerings

The online synchronous offerings of OBTP are a series of one-hour sessions that take place online using the Collaborate Ultra web conferencing tool. This is a good option for instructors who are at a distance and want to ask questions in real time. The workshops offered in this series include all six core modules and all three optional modules.

Register for an Online Synchronous Workshop

Face-to-Face (F2F) Offerings

Due to social distancing measures, OBTP will not be offered F2F in Summer or Fall 2020.

Badge of Completion

Earning the OBTP Badge of Completion indicates that you have an understanding of the fundamental pedagogical principles for teaching online and blended courses. You can add this digital badge to your LinkedIn account or to your professional website, and you could mention it on your CV or as part of a university promotion package.

To earn the OBTP Badge of Completion, you should take all six core module quizzes and score 80% or better on each. Then the final step is to submit the Survey found in the Badge of Completion module, which triggers the automatic issuing of the digital badge.

To prepare yourself to successfully complete the quizzes, you may:

  • Study the content in all six core modules of the Online Self-Paced Canvas course site
  • Attend all six core workshops in the online synchronous series
  • Mix and match the above options

Earning the OBTP Badge of Completion should take approximately 2-3 hours in the online self-paced offering. The online synchronous offerings are each scheduled for one hour, so earning the Badge of Completion entirely through this method would take approximately 6 hours.

Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching

The Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching is sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Provost to illustrate evidence of sound pedagogical course design and practice in online or blended teaching. This certificate is different from the Badge of Completion. You need to have fully taught an online or blended course at UWM before you can apply for this certificate.

See the Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching page for full details about this certificate program, including application requirements and schedule.

For questions about this certificate program, please email Sarah MacDonald.

Please email Dylan Barth in CETL with questions or interest in participating in the Online and Blended Teaching Program (OBTP).