Evaluation Checklists for Online Courses

UWM’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) has developed two evaluation checklists that can be used by UWM instructors to develop and deliver high-quality online courses that promote student learning and success. Both checklists have been designed to work in tandem and in line with the practical pedagogical strategies outlined in the Online and Blended Teaching Program (OBTP).

Both checklists are provided as fillable PDF documents that can be completed digitally or printed for handwritten feedback. For suggested evaluation strategies and for more information about each item on the checklists, visit the Help page.

Please contact Dylan Barth with any questions.

Self-Evaluation Checklist for Online Courses

You can use the Self-Evaluation Checklist for Online Courses to determine what elements of your online course you may want to address before the semester begins. This checklist is both a reminder of effective online teaching practices and an opportunity for self-reflection about your own pedagogical approaches. Keep in mind that this checklist is not exhaustive, and not every item will be equally relevant to your teaching situation.

Download the Self-Evaluation Checklist for Online Courses

Peer Evaluation Checklist for Online Courses

The Peer Evaluation Checklist for Online Courses can be used for peer evaluation of an online course before, during, or after the course runs. This checklist can be used by departments, schools, and colleges that want to facilitate peer-to-peer feedback and by evaluators who provide feedback for CETL’s Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching. The first page includes an overview of how to use the checklist.

Download the Peer Evaluation Checklist for Online Courses

Feedback about the Checklists

Do you have any suggestions for improving the Self- or Peer Evaluation Checklists for Online Courses? Have you found them to be effective? Do you have questions about specific items on the checklists?

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