Active Learning Certificate

Active Learning Certificate: Kolb’s Experiential Learning Certificate

You are eligible to receive the CETL Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle: Active Learning Certificate by completing the following requirements. The required worksheets and exercises are embedded in the Small Group Booklet and identified as CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS. And have been uploaded to each module on the D2L page as a WORD document. Reviewers will evaluate your materials three times per year (March 1st, July 1st, and November 1st).


A2L #1 Is this Active Learning?

A2L #2 Active and Engaged Learning Continuum

A2L #3 Engaging Learners Reflection: Video

Module 1 Active Learning and Alignment

A2L #4 Course Outcomes and integrating active learning and Rubric

Module 2 Kolb’s Cycle Application and Practice

A2L #5 Kolb Cycle Lesson Plan Analysis and Rubric

A2L #6 Design Concrete Exercise and Rubric

A2L #7 Design Reflection Exercise and Rubric

A2L #8 Design Abstract Generalization Exercise

A2L #9 Design Active Experimentation Exercise

Module 3 Embedding Kolb’s Cycle: Course Outline

A2L #10 Design Course Outline with Kolb Cycle

Embedded and Rubric

Module 4 Lesson Plan Design

A2L #11 Lesson Plan and Rubric







Participants may submit the requirements for each Certificate separately or in tandem with this Certificate. Contact Connie Schroeder, (229-5764) in CETL.