SARUP Scholarships

You must be admitted to or enrolled in a UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning undergraduate or graduate program in order to be eligible for scholarships.

When to Apply

New Freshmen or Transfer Students
Incoming admitted undergraduate students may be eligible for scholarships based on review of the admission application, including personal statement and any submitted letters of recommendation. Completed admissions application must be on file by January 1 (New Freshmen) and January 15 (New Transfer).

New Graduate
Incoming admitted graduate students may be eligible for awards based on review of the academic record, letters of recommendation, reasons statement, and test scores. Selected students will be contacted by email prior to their first semester.

Continuing Students
Continuing students will receive an email to their UWM email account at the beginning of each semester that includes the scholarship application.

UWM Scholarships
UWM maintains an extensive list of scholarships. In addition, the website offers helpful tips for applying for scholarships.
AG Architecture Scholarship
This annual award is funded by AG Architecture to identify and assist an M.Arch student with academic and design merit who has specific interest in the design, development, and construction of senior living and related multi-family residential developments.
AIA and WAF Scholarships
[3] $2,500 awards

These tuition scholarships are made possible by contributions from the American Institute of Architects [AIA], AIA Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Architects Foundation [WAF]. The AIA and WAF Scholarship Program combines national and state resources to increase the dollar amount of scholarship awards for professional degree candidates to help cover the rising costs of professional education.

Bob Greenstreet Honorary Scholarship
$2,000 award

Established in 2011 by alumni and friends, this scholarship recognizes the services of Bob Greenstreet as dean. The award supports student study abroad opportunities.

Charles Causier Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship is awarded in honor of a dedicated alumnus and talented planning professional, Charles Causier. The recipient must be enrolled in the Urban Planning program, have an excellent academic and community involvement record, and demonstrate financial need. The award is funded through a bequest of the Causier estate and donations of others in his memory.

Cherie Claussen Scholarship

This scholarship is presented to a graduate-level student or upper-level undergraduate who shows evidence of a commitment to design and who exhibits the spirit of professionalism as demonstrated by Cherie Claussen throughout her career. The award was established by a generous endowment established by the late SARUP alumna, Cherie Claussen.

Christopher Kidd & Associates Scholarship
The Christopher Kidd & Associates Scholarship recognizes the commitment of UWM SARUP alumnus, Christopher Kidd, and his staff, to the development and support of UWM architecture program and young architects. Christopher Kidd & Associates is a Wisconsin-based firm providing full-service design, architectural, engineering and construction services throughout the U.S. for a wide range of clients.
Construction Specification Institute (CSI)
The Milwaukee Chapter of CSI presents a scholarship to
a freshman, sophomore or junior architecture student
demonstrating academic merit. Candidates are identified
and selected each year by the BSAS Committee.
Dean's Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence
Amount Varies

Provided by senior alumni and supporters of the School to enable SARUP to aggressively pursue the best, brightest and most diverse students, and to compete with other programs nationwide.

Design Council Scholarship
$2,000 award
Sponsored by the Design Council, which includes leading architects, contractors, developers, manufacturers, attorneys, public officials and community citizens who financially and professionally support the goals of the School of Architecture & Urban Planning. Awarded to an M.Arch or MUP student who demonstrates academic merit.
Elmer Johnson Memorial Scholarship
$1,000 award
This award, presented to an undergraduate based on academic merit, honors the professional achievements of Elmer Johnson, a Wisconsin practitioner and outstanding creative designer, well known for his artistic ability. His firm, the largest in Wisconsin in the 1960’s, designed Milwaukee area landmarks such as the Milwaukee County Stadium, Milwaukee County Zoo, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance, and M&I Bank.
Faculty Memorial Scholarship
[2] $2,500
This scholarship is awarded to a BSAS student in recognition of academic merit and is funded by the generous contributions of faculty, staff and supporters of the UWM School of Architecture & Urban Planning.
Findorff Construction Company Minority Scholarship

This major Wisconsin construction firm, founded in 1890, established this annual scholarship in 1994. This is awarded to SARUP undergraduate minority students. Those selected must reside in the City of Milwaukee, demonstrate financial need, and have interest in construction and the practical applications of architecture.

Gaylord Nelson/Moebius Award
SARUP established this award to honor Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day and a former Wisconsin Governor and United States Senator, in his untiring efforts to address issues resulting from the development and abuse of the environment. The award is presented annually to an architecture or urban planning student with academic merit and a demonstrated interest in environmental issues.
Jack L. Fischer Scholarship
$1,000 award
The most recent of his many contributions to our School and UWM at large, this scholarship has been established by architecture alumnus Jack L Fischer, AIA, from his fund at the Community Foundation of the Fox Valley. This award is given to a female M.Arch or M.Arch/MUP student who has demonstrated exemplary academic, design and technical merit with emphasis on the building process.
James Mellowes Architecture Undergraduate Scholarship
$5,000 each

This scholarship is awarded to highly qualified students in the undergraduate architecture program with a preference to students who reside outside the state of Wisconsin. The award is presented through a generous gift from SARUP alumnus and Boston architect, James Mellowes.

John and Carolyn Peterson Scholarship

The John and Carolyn Peterson Scholarship is provided to a student who has demonstrated academic merit while enrolled in the Master of Urban Planning professional degree program. This scholarship is provided by the John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Trust through an endowment fund established at the UWM Foundation.

Kent Keegan Memorial Scholarship
This award is given to an outstanding undergraduate architecture student in honor of Kent Keegan, an architect and outstanding member of the Department of Architecture. He is especially remembered for his deep devotion to teaching and his courage in the face of a long struggle with cancer.
Lillian and Willis Leenhouts Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been in existence since 1990 and is named for Lillian and Willis Leenhouts, Milwaukee architects instrumental in the establishment of the School. In 1999, a circle of SARUP women alumni increased the award amount and pledged to become mentors to award-winners. The purpose of this award is to integrate culture, gender, and community into professional practice.

MasterCRIT Studio Stipend
Sponsored by the Fitzhugh Scott Fund for Architecture and Design, the MasterCrit studio brings the finest architects to share their experience and vision with students.
MSI General Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by generous contributions to the School from MSI General Corporation. This scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates academic, design, technical merit, and an interest in the design-build process.

New Graduate Scholar Award
This non-renewable scholarship is awarded to incoming Master’s degree students, based on review of the graduate application. Recipients are chosen through a competitive process.
Philip Rubenstein Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a new or currently enrolled M.Arch student in recognition of academic merit.
Plunkett Raysich Architects Scholarship/Internship
$3,000 award + summer internship

Awarded to a graduate architecture student who demonstrates academic, technical, and design merit. PRA is one of the largest architectural firms in Milwaukee with expertise in medical, educational facility and corporate design.

Richard Hunzinger Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to an M.Arch student who displays exemplary design and academic merit with an emphasis on building technology and construction. This award is funded by the Hunzinger Construction Company, a well-known, full-service general contractor in the Milwaukee area. The award is also partially funded by the Wisconsin Architects Foundation in honor of the company’s founder, Richard Hunzinger.

Somerville Inc. Architecture Scholarship

The Somerville Inc. Architecture Scholarship is presented to a graduate student demonstrating design excellence with strong graphic presentation skills. Somerville Inc., founded in 1946, is one of Wisconsin’s largest employee-owned architecture and engineering firms, with particular expertise in the design of educational and healthcare facilities.

Southwest Chapter AIA-Wisconsin Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student with disabilities, or a student with a demonstrated record of research on accessibility, who is enrolled in the PhD, MArch or BSAS program.

T.M. Slater Scholarship
$2,000 award + internship

This recognizes the legacy of Milwaukee’s renowned architect, Thomas “Mac” Slater, and is awarded to a student who demonstrates academic merit and evidence of commitment to design excellence. The award may include an internship opportunity with Kahler Slater Architects, the firm with which Mac Slater served as partner for many years.

Urban Planning Alumni Scholarship

This is an annual scholarship funded by several Urban Planning alumni to honor a new or continuing student with demonstrated academic merit.

Urban Planning Alumni Scholarship for Women

An annual scholarship funded by several Urban Planning alumni to honor a new or continuing woman student with demonstrated academic merit.

Urban Planning Student Diversity Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a student who brings to the Urban Planning program diverse social, cultural and experiential backgrounds. Special consideration is given to students with economic need.
UWM Chancellor's Graduate Student Awards
Amount Varies

These awards are intended to attract and retain graduate students with exceptional academic records and high promise of future success.

Valerio Dewalt Train Summer Research Stipend

A six-week research program for seniors and graduate students at Valerio Dewalt Train Associates Chicago office, including collaboration and research. Stipend recipients will be required to produce a written document of their research.

VerHalen, Inc./Pella Windows & Doors Award for Excellence in Design

This award is for excellence in design demonstrated by a student who is currently enrolled in the M.Arch program. VerHalen, Inc. consists of two distinct divisions: The Pella Window Store, a descendant of Pella Corporation, which was founded in 1925 and noted as an industry innovator, and Ver Halen Commercial Interiors, descended from Ver Halen, Inc., which has provided building materials to Wisconsin contractors since 1911.

Wisconsin Architects Foundation Scholarships
[3] $1,300 awards
[2] $1,800 awards
Established by AIA-Wisconsin, the Foundation’s main purpose is to advance the standards of architectural training and practice in Wisconsin. One way it achieves this goal is to provide scholarships to students pursuing degrees in architecture, who demonstrate academic merit and financial need.
WI Chapter, APA Endowment Scholarship
$850/Semester for 2 years

Awarded to a Master of Urban Planning student demonstrating financial need, academic merit, leadership, community service, and interest in planning for sustainable and just cities and regions.

Recommended scholarships outside of SARUP