Graduate Assistant Handbook

This handbook was created to gather in one place all campus-level policies and procedures related to Graduate Assistants at UWM. It’s the most convenient and authoritative record of the rules related to assistantships on campus. It also contains information that new and continuing assistants might find helpful, such as guidance on teaching practices, laboratory conduct and decorum, considerations for international students, and campus resources. It was written collaborative by a group of faculty, staff and—most importantly—Graduate Assistants.

The Handbook is not designed to be read from start to finish. Graduate Assistants will most likely consult different parts at different times, as questions arise. It is organized in sections, each of which is broken down into subtopics that you should be able to identify quickly by scanning the table of contents. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you can search the entire handbook too. Think of the Graduate Assistant Handbook as something like a travel guide for your journey at UWM. You might use it heavily at the outset to make sure you know where you’re going, but you’ll probably consult it along the way only as needed.

Introduction to graduate assistantships at UWM

Section 1

Appointments and Benefits

Section 2

International Assistants

Section 3

Teaching Assistants

Section 4

Research Assistants

Section 5

Project Assistants

Section 6

Student Hourly Employment

Section 7

Best Practices for Graduate Assistant

Section 8

Campus Resources

Section 9