Tuition Remission

Assistants must be appointed at a minimum of 33 percent for a duration of at least one term (Academic “C” basis) or six months (Annual “A” basis) in order to qualify for tuition remission for that term. Assistants appointed below 33 percent will receive a stipend, but will still be required to pay tuition.

Courses covered by the remission must be relevant to the student’s program of study.

The appointing unit is responsible for entering a tuition remission code for the appointment into the student financial system prior to the tuition due date for the corresponding term.

Payment of segregated fees or special course fees are the responsibility of the student. Graduate Assistants can arrange for the payment of these fees through payroll deduction.

See UW System Regent Policy Document 32-6 and Wis. Stat. 36.27(3)(g).