Laboratory Safety and Procedures

Research Assistants often work in environments with complex health and safety requirements. Equipment, chemicals, animals and biological materials can all be dangerous if not handled properly. For general information on all UWM Safety and Health Programs, see University Safety and Assurances’ Safety and Health Programs website.

Because many Research Assistants work in UWM laboratories, lab procedures are especially important. Labs should have training for all new personnel, including Research Assistants. Eating and drinking are often prohibited in labs, or the placement, storage, and consumption of food regulated. In addition, minors are prohibited from UWM labs, studios, shops or other areas where health hazards are present. There are also policies on working in isolation in potentially hazardous environments.

For more information on these and other laboratory safety resources, see the Laboratory Procedures webpage at University Safety and Assurances’ Safety and Health Programs. Additional Laboratory Training resources are also available.